Half-elven ears for humans as well?

Hey hey, i’m currently not in the alpha but saw a video from Kelani where he showed the short ears or Half-elven ears as i like to call them, please add those to humans as well. I’m not entirely sure if there’s enough half-elfs in lore to validate this, but i know there’s a whole community of half-elven roleplayers out there. I never bothered with a half-elven character because i’d just end up with a human, but if humans could get the half-elven ears as well i’d definitely would level and roleplay as one they always intrigued me. I’m also not entirely sure how different they’d look besides the ears, but the ears alone would do it for me. It’s probably never gonna happen, but got really excited about the idea of it.

Thanks for reading and hope you’re all doing well, stay safe!

  • Krezul.

Well, we know there are four Half-Elves named in lore, Alodi, Arator, Giramar and Galadin (I think, I always get those two mixed up). Half Elves do not seem to be very favoured by pure Elves, nonetheless, they do exist.

It does seem likely, that the shorter ears are simply customisations of Blood Elf features, in the same way that some people just have big noses, or are more hirsuite, or have big feet, that kind of thing.

This said, we do not know for certain, as so far none of the Blood Elf customisations have been confirmed as actual Blood Elf customisations. We do see Arator in game, but he just uses a standard Blood Elf model, we do also see Kalecgos’s ‘human’ form, (He appears as a Half Elf when not a Dragon) which appears to be a Human with -slightly- pointed ears, by slightly, I mean, shorter by far than any of the options datamined, more like a Tolkien Elf in terms of length.

We likely won’t know until it all goes live, however given that the ear options were displayed using a standard Blood Elf model, -if- they become available for players, it is likely to be for Blood Elves, not for humans.

All I’m saying is, don’t get your hopes up, we don’t even know for sure whether Blood Elves get them as an option, let alone anyone else…

One grain of hope, is that the actual ear bit, as opposed to the pointy bit, is more similar to that of the human model, than the Blood Elven model.

Unfortunately, it is the same as all the Blood Elf customisations, we’re going to have to wait and see…


We did not get enough elf race and now you want them to change human to elf?

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Why not ask for night elf ear length?

We all know big ears mean…

They aren’t Half-Elves.
They’re just Elves with shorter ears.

I am one who loves Half-Breeds in fantasy settings myself, but I’ve seen no reason to believe that these shorter ears are Half-Elf ears anywhere.