Hall of Shame

My intent is to list down players whose behavior crossed the fairness line.
This is not a place to play your own revenge game, or flame players that you personally dislike; this is instead an attempt to discourage people from pursuing misbehaviors which would not fit well in a community-driven game. Accusations should always be supported by proofs. Names will be followed by a short description.

Ninja looting
Griefing (pvp)
Griefing (pve)
Trade scamming
Miscellaneous offenses

posting names would be against the forum ToS, keep that in mind.

Your intent may be good, but it is immoral and against the rules to “name and shame”.

As soon as one name appears in this thread, it will be deleted. If you want to report players, you can do it in-game.

Uhhh, forum drama is very Classic.

Sucks if they enforce it.

Would be very good if they enforce it.

Would not be nice if guys got trouble ingame because Mr. Paladin here posting from his retail char puts them on his list for whatever reason.

You are free to keep your own list.

well if policies doesnt let that happen, dothe opposite. make a list of trustfull crafters and part/raid leaders.

I got blacklisted in Westfall, Moonbrook, cuz I looted first a spawned chest, before some idiot in a group could get it (he had aggro)
Maybe he thought we should roll for it? I wasn’t even in same group so I didn’t owe the idiot that curtesy, it’s like as if people should roll who taggs Hogger first…
I have played since Vanilla beta, n this is probably the most retarded blacklist I have seen yet…lol :slight_smile:

I would be honored to get blacklisted by every moron on the server so I don’t have to tank for them :slight_smile: