Hallucinating reply on ticket


I feel the need to open this thread and point out an issue I’m having with a ticket, to be more precise, with how the ticket is handled.

I opened the ticket to debug an issue I had with my subscription renewal. I had one single payment method attached which I used to pay with for the last 2 years for everything on my Blizzard account. At the end of the last month, it was time for my WoW subscription to be renewed but the automatic renewal failed for some reason causing my bank account to be charged 9 times for the same amount(9 x 100+ Euros). I got back home from vacation, I opened a ticket and I received the generic message to try from a new browser, readd the payment method, etc. Doing that, I encountered a 500 - Internal server error page when the payment provider is suppose to redirect to the Shop page, this is AFTER the payment was successfully confirmed by both my banking app and the payment system on the Blizzard Shop. Checking my bank statement, I see the same issue reappearing, I was charged 4 times for the same payment this time.

I of course, replied to the ticket that the problem is persistent. I was instructed to call the bank which I did and they confirmed that transactions were blocked because the vendor(Blizzard) was performing the same transaction multiple times in a very short timeframe, blocking all transactions on fraud risk.

I added these details to the ticket and I got the following messages back…
[link removed]

What is happening with the Customer Support? Are you all replaced with bots now? Have bots finally overrun everything at Blizzard? Not just WoW?

I am trying to point out that you have a bug/issue with the payment system but your bots are hallucinating.

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What on earth is that reply… that’s… that’s something allright.

At least you got an UwU with your analysis of the failure to link to an xbox live account…?

You can use preformatted text </> to use links without that messing around, also I don’t think Blizzard like you posting their GMS names.

I feel the bank may have reserved the funds so try contacting them to sort this out. If they reserve them then it just looks like the money was taken to a bank’s customer.

GM aliases are not personal identifiable data.

I clarified it with the bank and I’m fully aware why this happened. Because, the payment system Blizzard uses has a bug and for some reason it fails for this large transaction, hence the 500 error after payment goes through which is causing multiple charges to my card which prompts the automatic bank system to block all transactions for fraud risk. I tried the same card again for a small amount(a shop item) and it worked fine.

Customer support experience was awful, they totally failed to identify the root cause of my issue and provided generic copy-paste answers or bot generated answers based on their internal knowledge, some of those answers where completely unrelated to my issue(Xbox linking account issue!?).

Either their customer support bot hallucinated or their employee copy pasted the reply in the wrong ticket. Overall, deplorable customer service!