[H/A][Magtheridon] <Heretics> recruiting for season 4


Heretics is a casual raiding guild but also a guild where social players can call home too - we aim to be a social community where people can come together to play WoW.
With the recent cross-faction gameplay, we’ve extended our community (and recruitment) to alliance players also.

We understand that retail can feel pretty isolated and a lot of the enjoyment comes from being part of a guild that actively socialises. With that in mind, we’re trying to make a place for both casual players who can’t commit to extended play hours but just want a community to be a part of; and those who are looking to raid and progress with a more guild orientated and communal feeling.

We have a great raid atmosphere, we don’t seriously care about your parse (apart from for some friendly competition and banter :P). We have fun while raiding, and downing bosses at the same time is a bonus.
We aim for, and have achieved, AOTC each tier and we are now opening recruitment for raiding in Season 4. We are in need of a tank and dps - mainly in need of Mdps (warrior especially) but any class is welcome really.

Our raid nights are Wednesdays and Sundays @ 20:00 - 23:00 EU time

We also run M+ keys regularly and are quite active and social on discord.

Socials are always welcome.

For more info whisper:



In particular, we are now looking for Melee DPS for our raid team, but everyone is welcome to join!

Great guild, super active discord and a chilled environment. Can’t believe the start an Alliance guild too, how could you say no.

A committed tank would be useful too

Edited to change prio dps → warrior (but still, any class would be welcome :D)