"Hard Boiled" help

new player here, trying to do easter achievements, is there an easy way to do this ? im thinking taking a portal to caverns of time and walking as a bunny to un goro, is this silly or is there a much easier/portal/ship i don’t know about ?


Seems about right.

I remember doing something like that for it years ago. It took a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I have a question like this, I read the Wowhead comments

and I don’t see any better suggestions.

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thank you.

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If you’re looking to complete the “Hard Boiled” achievement in World of Warcraft but dread the idea of running a long distance transformed into a rabbit, here’s a handy trick for you.

Instead of embarking on a lengthy journey, enlist the help of a party member who possesses the Blossoming Branch item. This item can only be used on party members, so make sure to have someone in your group equipped with it.

Once you’re ready, simply have your party member use the Blossoming Branch on you. This will instantly transform you into a rabbit, allowing you to bypass the need for a long run. Coordinate with your group to find a suitable starting and ending point for the transformation, and you’ll breeze through the achievement in no time.

By utilizing this clever workaround, you can avoid the tedious task of traversing long distances as a transformed rabbit and focus on enjoying the game with your friends.

Happy hopping, and may your achievements be as swift as they are satisfying!


i actually ended up doing this btw, someone in general chat mentioned this and we done in 5 mins, thank you.

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