Hardcore servers lag [20/09]

I guess I will take a break from HC until next week’s regular maintenance and then I will test the water again if the issue still persists.

Dear Game Master,

I kindly request that the development team direct their attention towards the performance issues on the Dragon Flight retail realms. Numerous players have raised concerns on the forums about these issues, yet we’ve seen limited communication from the GMs on this matter.

Specifically, on the Kazzak EU realm, we are experiencing extended delays – sometimes up to a full minute – just to access the guild bank interface. This isn’t reflective of the high-quality standards we’ve come to expect from a company as esteemed as Blizzard.

It’s worth noting that these issues aren’t new. I recall similar problems even back in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. While I understand that managing server performance is complex, the duration of these issues without a resolution is concerning.

I want to emphasize that my intention is not to derail the topic at hand, but rather to highlight a critical concern. It might seem that GMs are more responsive to issues on the Hardcore servers lately. Even if this perception isn’t entirely accurate, it does resonate with a portion of the player base.

The ongoing problem with the guild bank is just one example, albeit a glaring one, of the server performance issues. Such problems genuinely jeopardize the continued subscription of many players, myself included.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope these issues can be swiftly addressed.

Best regards,
Darthvader (not the realm one :stuck_out_tongue: )

Dude I already said get of my back with your shallow points and assumptions. I never played Warcraft reforged and don’t lnow anything about it. You keep talking as if I’m crying how I can’t play game atm but all I talk about is that we need our chars back. I understand that they are working on it and my point is not about fixing servers to work as intended but the way how to mitigate the damage caused. How hard is to comprehend that? Maybe your brain is to busy thinking of new assumptions like that WoW Andy of Warcraft reforged or what ever else you think about. What is wrong with you? I also work in game industry and I do understand some things about it and I know that if not handled correctly this will make more damage to game overall and when player start leaving it creates avalanche and what is than left of that social experience someone mentioned…
It is not like something like this happening to Blizzard for the first time not even in WoW alone but in other games also and fact that they are so stubborn on bending rules in this extreme case is what’s bothering me. They already have so much of a bad name and again they continue with this practice…
Idk why I saw ur comment when I ignored you, maybe another good thing Blizzard made that is working as intended.
Oh and one more thing, at end you look more like WoW Andy than anyone on this forum.

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This is a massive problem.

Not able to play my main as its far too risky…

cool, weekend in front of me, when i have more time to play, but im “forced” to level alts, because cba loosing my main to spaghetti code.

Sorry boys, Blizzard needs to have their weekend. Remember they are not many working with classic and we don’t want them to burnout.

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Thanks for not respecting the players time due to your inability to provide stable servers.


Server lag after the recent server maintenance was not specific to hardcore. It’s also been very noticeable in wrath classic.

In particular you can see it happening when zoning in and out, be it instances, raids, arenas or bgs. Up to 1-2 minutes loading with it being stuck at 0% for up to over a minute. I’m used to it being top 10 seconds with an avg. at around 5 seconds… until this week where it more than quadrupled.

I noticed there is also weird behavior in groups where people are invited and appear as offline for up to or even past half a minute after joining. Never experienced near anything this bad until the reset this week and have to wonder why there is not a rollback of the update/patching made to the code when it is so evidently turned worse by whatever change was made to the codebase.

Adding to this, I have started getting disconnects up to multiple times in succession when starting the game from the client. Before reaching character selection it just seems to get stuck on loading characters or even server list. Just as with the other two things, I rarely if ever saw this until after maintenance. When logging in now, this seems to happen more often than not. Once connected its fairly stable, but loading screens are still a nightmare, so its hard to forget that there’s something off going on under the hood.

Would be nice if blues could address the issue more widely and not just in terms of just in relation to hardcore/era realms. This is an issue across all classic-realms right now and quite frankly ignoring to everybody I play with.

I experienced lag again exactly where my previous character died - in Blackwell Pumpkin Patch. I continued playing and didn’t experience it in other places in Elwynn Forest or Westfall. Almost level 14.

I understand rollbacks can be a slippery slope, but I think in this case it’s justified. There’s just no way anyone should be playing hardcore if there are days on end where you can just fall off your gryphon and die. Too many people and nothing they could have done to prevent their death. Trust is gone.

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Dude we know this problem for 3 days and people are STILL dying. I mean if you have played in the last 3 days and experienced any kind of lag, why are you still playing? You are jumping off a cliff and then complain.

Mega lag and now not able to connect to Stitches anymore. I am amazed by the incapability of providing stable servers and even more by how little Blizzard cares.

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Same here! Black screen when I try to log in again

Stitches just had 50+ players wiped in less than a minute. People are unable to log out, hand in quests, sell stuff… complete madness.

/edit: This was only Alliance side I could see. Pretty sure you can assume that Horde is just as bad. Anyone in a safety zone should stay there right now.

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Just died on my 33 lvl char in HC cause of the freeze. ggs

One scary thing is that Im on my ccharacter selection with 0 characters on it but I can create a new one…

Confirmed, unable to log in atm.

Just roll back the servers, this is a joke

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This is a damn joke right. Two insane laag spikes and died on my 60s. What is this? This is not just a random laag. Roll back the server this is insane. I dont accept this!

Absolute **** game. Hardcore challenge is to pray to server not to lag out.
WORSE than 2006!
Lost my paladin to last lag spike on stitches 23/09/23 10:37 CET. 2 Minute LAG spike.

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