Hardcore servers lag [20/09]

You didnt pay exclusively to play safely on Hardcore Servers.

I did.

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It’s quite simple. We all agreed before playing HC lag can happen and starting with appeals will open pandoras ask. But with this happening last two days you have a responsibility to your customers. The lag is not only in HC but the cost is much higher there. It happens on classic era & wrath as well since last week. The worst part is that is absolutely no information for people that log in via the game client or a server message ingame. Obviously this has been a problem on EU and not NA, therefore it took Blizzard over 36 hours only see it here. You did a server restart and the problems is still there. You litterally letting people die even though you are aware of this problem instead of shutting down the servers. Of course a normal company would do something for their customers, in this case you should give a lot of people free subs. I understand a lot of people don’t read forums or wanna hang around after this. I play way too much so I decided to just log out but this will hurt your player base (EU side).

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I might have something here.
Been playing several hours today, and i haven’t had any issues with lag until half an hour ago. A friend asked for inv to layer, so i invited him. We were in party for only 2 minutes, and i got the infamous 10-second lag TWICE during those 2 minutes. Afterwards, i left the party, and haven’t experienced any lag since.

There isnt a hardcore only subscription, so you did not.

Idk why are u here on this post just to argue with people or what?
Some people payed sub just to play HC nothing else so y their sub was for HC.
This lag is present also on ERA and WOTLK and think I saw someone even mentioned Retail and as it is not so punishable to play there for me personally there is no point of going and starting char there as Im not going to play there and games like this are driven by some future tasks among other things. So no I havent played other types of this game for quite some time now and that much about me being WoW Andy as u called me

Hi all,

Just a quick update before we head into the weekend:

While we initially saw some improvements following last nights work and restarts, things appear to have become progressively worse again and troubleshooting continues.

In terms of in-game messaging it is being considered, though keep in mind not everyone is affected and a generic message about potentially running into issues is already true at all times. Having warnings appear and disappear might simply create unrealistic expectations about when it is and isn’t “safe” to play.

As for rolling back or reviving dead characters we’ve tried our best to be as clear as possible from the very start that it’s not something we will consider, which remains the case.

I understand losing characters to any technical issue is disappointing, but for purpose of keeping this thread useful for the ongoing work to address the issue, please try to keep the discussion to currently experienced symptoms – and thank you to those already contributing with this info!

Stay safe for now and hopefully the underlying issue can be finally addressed soon!


What do we know?:

Lag triggers when you switching zones/layers/cities (not all the time but most of the time)

Long loading screens - no idea (same in wrath)

Respawns seems to trigger the lag sometimes as well - when I have not done the things above and got it randomly in a zone I would think it has something to do with respawns.

This morning I also got looting problems - Mobs did not have any loot on them and after a while it appeared loot on them - while trying to loot them then it said “someone is alrady looting” - relog fixed this

Gryphons is the most dangerous issue hundreds died from. It can randomly disappear and you fall down and die or it even teleport you to random locations in the world, some high lvl zones or the ocean where people die from fatigue

I’ll update the list if I find something more.

I did not, it’s also not what I said. I said I subbed only to play hardcore. Not “I only subbed to hardcore”.

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Again this is not some single lag issue that happened once and affected few players. This is much bigger for now 3 days lasting issue that is still affecting people who knows nothing about it at all… Yes u said no resurrects but this is extreme case that should be dealt with as that and let people get what they lost. Many times in past you guys did not listen to community and each time it would kick u back with many players just leaving and causing losses. Really thought you would learn by now… I simply cant understand how cant u comprehend how big of impact this decision can have on HC… And again dont say no it wont because like I said we saw in last years it happening again and again.
On matter of feedback it is so obvious that most of lag and issues occur in some kind of loading game like from start on entering game, entering or exiting instances, changing zones on foot or on flying taxi, in group when changing layers but also saw some reports and thats how I died by sudden respawn of multiply mobs, in my case I got hit when Forsaken courier in Arathi spawned with his 4 guards, saw some people also saying they would fight mobs and suddenly lag out and when lag over they are dead with bunch of mobs around them that were not there before lag.


Apologies to our customers,

Sometimes things get out of our direct control and we are hard at work with our partners in order to resolve these issues as soon as possible, but sometimes it takes time. Rest assured that players on hardcore realms will be compensated with free game time for the “downtime” but unfortunately according to the rules of agreement we will not be offering any assistance with dead characters.

Dragonflight realms are only partially affected and are still mostly playable so we will discuss among ourselves how to redeem our image a little further down the line if this situation goes on.

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Is there an option to postpone my subscription, or do I need to lose game time over this? It’s not fun playing a permadeath game where sometimes the servers jus kill you.

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How will we get time invested in chars back? I mean it is one thing if we bite the dust in game but depending on skills thats why we play, not to be dead bcs of server issues but again if this happen like to me alone or to few players I would say ok that is life but in this scale… Im tired of repeating my self… I even bought UPS to prevent power losses just for this game! Not ok, this will end again like everything else that u start good and just destroy by your failure to comprehend when you must react out of boundaries


dude, just calm down. open a window, explore nature on the weekend and check back on monday, problems will be resolved and your online life can continue.

Get of my back dude what is wrong w2ith u just making assumptions about people like that. Shoo, go away

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It is designed to be a waste of time. Honestly I don’t get the appeal of it nor would I play in such way without streaming being my main source of income. Hardcore classic is much more about the social experience than anything else, namely personal achievements.

Like i said, another great thing we have Blizzard will ruin, again. I can bet after some time we will get something like apology but people are sick and tired of same things over and over again from blizzard and there is enough of backlash online that can be found proving my point. Ty and bye


There is a Server Issue they are working on, trying to figure out - What exactly do you expect here? Blizzard ruined ALOT of stuff but THIS? this is just a technical issue. As someone working in Network Security and Operations, I have these situations with customers frequently and the uninformed Users are just sitting around whining about how their internet doesnt work and how IMPORTANT they are and how this cant be a big issue to resolve.

Walk a mile in the shoe of a Network Tech trying to find the source of lags and hiccups, ENJOY. I am sure they will figure it out.

In the meantime, why dont you go and complain about Warcraft 3 Reforged STILL being garbage?

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speak your truth king

It’s near to be a bad joke that we are receiving this answers from Blizzard ‘‘Hows going boys? all good?’’ ‘‘Oh you felt from a Gryphon at lvl 52? Well, go agane, no ress or roll back’’

Wow man that is just ridiculous with all respect. If you die for your DC or typical game failures that we already know is close to an understanding point. But what is happening these last 3 days? yesterday i felt of a Gryphon and survived with an 5% hp and 1 min lagged. After few weeks of release, why is that happening now when all the player base has grown into 40-50 lvl? No, this is not a normal common thing than we just say ‘‘its ok’’ we need to make something here as a community for them to try to fix this NOW, one way or another.

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I hope you are joking, its basically saying not every water bottle is poisoned, so lets not inform our customers because some of them might be lucky and have no issue.

Thats it for me, o7 to all the ones who died to this. Time to move on