Has anyone this vibe from DF cinematics?



100% that’s why I decided to wait a bit with buying TWW. I bought it at first, but refunded it, so I can actually see how the game is gonna be like. I care a lot about atmosphere, etc. and they haven’t really showed any of that. They only showed gameplay stuff.


Same, If i don’t see more story/cinematics of next expansion or it will be the same childish crap as DF was i’m not paying for it, I won’t be embarassed of paying huge money for some kid series, If blizzard makes content for kids, then good for them I guess, I hope some 3 years old will pay monthly sub and 90$ for epic edition every 2 years. Maybe some parents will buy them gametime instead of paying for TV and nick jr


Yeah. I also realised that I initially bought TWW as an emotion, because of how good of a speaker/seller Chris Metzen is. I will wait now to see, what he will actually cook, and then I’ll buy, if it’s good. Whatever Ion said about gameplay is nice, but I experienced all the gameplay already.


lol yeah . everything is so childish but not in a good way.


I mean it makes sense since blizzard collected many dan schneiders over the years…

And since it seems most of the devs were replaced by redditors that will make the situation only worse


I wonder who are they trying to lure into this game through these EPICALLY CRINGE cinematics from df, seems they are targgeting audience that won’t be able to pay for their expensive game


They are not luring anyone. People in blizzard just working for paycheck. Billy your team need to make new cinematic - okay - we are azeroth- done - next. They just don’t care and it’s hard to blame them. It’s like outsource to another studio.

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Hmm… somewhere in the ballpark.

It’s funny though, because it’s interspersed with totally good Warcraft stories, except they’re small ones.

I loved the Furbolg language learning. I loved the blue dragonflight story, especially that crystallised dragon. That was probably the most Warcraft thing in the whole expansion lmao

And there are lots of other small stories all over the game that really work well.

But the main plot? Gods, it’s awful.


Judging how ‘‘woke’’ they became (mostly to cover their butts from all the stuff they did) there is an audience woke people cant stop to try to get their hands on.

… fun thing that kind of audience is technically not old enough to play the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the expansion for free yesterday and tried the first zone today and agree with this image. It just feels too stupid and unseriou sdespite it being about aspects which are so big in the story. Then you get told to save critters or tend to baby dragons while also being told that an outpost was attacked. Nothing makes sense. I’m leaving the game and will wait with buying the next expansion.


alright … Athena departing from gate 1 … don’t miss your flight

In zaralek caverns you have wq where niffen gets hearattacks and overexcitement over fact you are covered with AmaZiNG gLitTeR

Haha. Df story is like parody, ridicilious and mockery.

I used to at least read and watch story-quests in the past when something new come out but I don’t even do that anymore because it is just waste of time from my perspective. Why should I slow down for stupid dialogues and stories, no reason… :smirk_cat:


I get the impression the TWW may be a bit more mature/adult like. I am hoping they learnt their lesson by the dismal DF sales and took note of the Diablo sales. Whatever political/activist agenda they pushing does not go down well with the consumer.

With that said, this time, I too am taking a backseat on any future purchases untll I have seen and read what I expect the game to be like. If not they lost another subscriber.


Did have the same impulse but resisted the attempt. I need some gameplay examples first plus a bit more insight on the story built up.

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Preordering a game doesn’t make sense. You should also consider inflation, you basically give up on your money when it is more valuable. It is like an investment with an uncertain outcome.

Besides, we should always have a carrot on our stick, preordering means no carrot on our stick… that means we already gave it away earlier than we should have…

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I think they know this already. That’s why they added early access and bonus features to make it at least seem as if there would be any value in pre-ordering. But I don’t need a rainbow colour set of flying mounts and pets plus an ugly transmog I’ll never use anyways as a bait and find this early access stuff ridiculous anyways. Not even a fan of excessive PTR. A game should be playable at release, not days and months in advance. What sense does it make to play a buggy version of a game before official release and then do the same crap over again with all your progress deleted?

Plus I’m seriously of the opinion it’s sending the wrong signal to a company that has abused user’s trust way too often if you again give them the benefit of the doubt. They need to earn their subscriptions and money just like everyone else. My customers don’t pay me 1 year in advance either just because the work I might deliver will probably be good.


I really had hopes they did… instead we got 10.2 and most cringeworthy end cinematic we ever got for expansion