Dear story writing team, please do not insult our IQ

Hard to relate when he breaks down at what seems to be the lowest of his life, only to do a 180° and say “Ok I’m with you now” only because Thrall said “You are not your past”, which is something I’d hear from a prostitute trying to cope, but not from a supposedly wise guy, because we are litterally the product of our past.

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Blizzard did amazing job with df cinematics to disencourage new players to test this “EPIC” game,
only epic moments df had are EPIC FAILS cinematics.
Maybe they are targetting wow for kids now, I wonder who will pay for their game then.

Tbf I’m an adult man and I enjoy the story right now. Call me weird, but I think it’s really cool. Alexstrasza is also a good protagonist imo.

no way you enjoy these pegi 3+ cinematics with 0 hype

I am kinda getting hyped, because they set up the world soul saga story in an epic way, and fighting swift+Fyrakk is one of the most epic experiences I had in wow. Fyrakk in general was also an epic villain. Remember his assaults in 10.1, where he killed all players in his path? Or all the times he occured in the story before. It’s just a good ending that foreshadows what happens in the future. Additionally, the final cinematic of the expansion is not released yet. We are still gonna get a main story chapter. I’m also actually happy that we get a happy ending like this. I think a happy ending makes me feel better for defeating the boss lol…

That being sad, would like it, if the vibes became a bit more brutal. And yeah, as said before: I miss the horde vs alliance theme. I like both factions a lot, but as their own factions, not as the unified thing.

It has to be sarcasm or troll as you wrote something totally different in similar posts

And it was under post that is making fun of it even more

It was written by toddlers.


SPOILERS: The tyr ending cinematic was a joke as well… So We just ask elisande nicely and she gives up the disk? Why havent we thought about this in legion? or any expansions? maybe we should have this kind of /beg boss to get loot or ask him nicely to give up their grand plans… LOL

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I call you WEIRD weird (Zegler) hahaha

No, I actually gave the cinematic a 6.5/10 in a previous post. I said many times that all I dislike about it, is the vibe, not the content itself

To be fair, Elisande was never a straight up villain but rather someone stuck in a position where she was forced to make extremely desperate and unpopular choices in order to try and save her people.

As such, she was never unreasonable - as witnessed by the fact that once she finally had a thread that led to her people surviving in a different way than she thought inevitable she actively put aside any grudges and helped take down the very threat essentially holding her people hostage.

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couldn’t be written by someone else, its my little pony theme


There’s a lot of spit(e) when it comes to storytelling gestures as response to former criticism indeed.

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WoW lore and athomsphere in game went in wrong direction, from grim lore which anyone loved we went into rainbow, unicorns and utopia of unity lore…

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That’s what happens usually when people give in a bit into different approaches from narratives.

To me it seems many narrative writers and movie directors have this “I need to divert from the original source material and do my own thing with this” mindset. Look at Velma show, Halo TV show, Witcher and Mandalorian, etc. In some cases it works, in others it does not.

in WoW case it didnt work… new lore not stick to its legacy, the legacy which attracted all players, because orginaly WoW is meant to be grim in lore. By doing rainbow and unicorn lore they spiting into their legacy.

Ever wonder why Warhammer or dungeon and dragons have best lore ever, because they stick to their grim darkness, no rainbows, no unicorns, no utopias…

WoW world currently feel like unicorn meadow, no really sense of danger… even when there is some sense of danger Alextrasa come and say “together we will overcome challanges” , cannot be more lame.

If you ask me WoW need one big swing into grim lore… like new treat attacked azeroth, all aspect must die for good, players lose their power, and that sanse of danger is back into game.

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Older expansions were of fine balance between cute/goofy and ‘dark/grim’. However, nowadays game has shifted way too much into cute/goofy side of the spectrum.

picture tells more than thousand words


Bravo for that screenshot, exactly… Evolution from grim into unicorn and rainbows…

People need to ask themself why Wrath of lich king was lore best expansion? Because people wanted to discover more grim lore about undeads, more grim lore about nerubians, people wanted to discover remmants of slaughtered blood elves and humans in northerend after war, people loved it grim…

Now compare this lore with runing across meadows with unicorns under rainbow while lapricon dances on table and alextraza says “together we left click kill anyone who threaten us” , and you will see why WoW is doomed if continie that unicorn lore.


I just wanted to kill Arthas. I liked the lore, didn’t like the visuals in expansion, but main reason was KILL ARTHAS!!! He killed his dad


Ye. I love Vermintide 1 and 2 for their grim universe. Also the Warhammer Games.

To me it looks like the “weak” narratives at Blizzard wanting to write “happy joy stories” applied for the wrong franchise teams. They should sit in Hearthstone department or Arclight Rumble. Not in Warcrafts/WoWs Team2(?)

Or even better, they should migrate to damn Nintendo. If I want to play child-friendly games, I play Nintento games.