Has anyone this vibe from DF cinematics?

That’s what everyone should do. Giving preorder money to company like Blizzurd is just silly.


I was wondering if this ending cinematic script was the last work done before Metzen came back. He might have not interferred in the ongoing process of the current expansion and just let them finish up their mess.

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…I was also wondering and I truly have hopes it’s true.
I cba to pay huge money for my little pony live action
Also since df came out I can’t persuade my friends to play wow anymore, what I am supossed to show them?


Honestly, with Bobby gone and Metzen back, this is the best chance at change we could have. Will still not make me pre-order one year ahead to find out 3 days in advance tho. :joy:

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Yeah I know right I’d rather wow be a slasher film🤦‍♂️

It’s all soft and simpering, to be honest. Like, this isn’t even a PG level of childish; it’s U. It’s babyish.


no it its people are just expecting it to be 18 when its most likely around 12a

Meanwhile in M+


People expect the writing to be serviceable. 18, 12 is irrelevant. Good entertainment is good entertainment. Which is why people of all ages can enjoy stuff like Avatar the Last Airbender, or plethora of Anime.

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This underground location with crystal that emulates sun with a twist that sometimes this crystal turns into dark purle version that spawns abominations looks very in contrast to overall df theme

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people expect it to be at least +12, while it became literally 3+, If not, give me one thing from DF that is not suitable for 3+ fairytales


Hey guys, can we stop this age rating thing going on, it looks almost like video game has harmed your self esteem, quite funny and pitiful.
Instead let’s argue more intellectual things, like tone and direction of cinematic, not age ratings that serve as a warning for parents.

Yeah I also kinda like the Nerubian zone a lot from what I’ve seen. May look rly cool.

Isn’t it people keep saying go darker go darker so yes it is relevant. I’d say it’s about 12 now people are trying to push it into horro film territory and 18s. If you go too dark you’ll end up pushing people away cos wow has never been that

we need to turn WoW into GoT/Warhammer40k/Dark Souls combo, maximum cynism, no hope, every npc needs to monologue about griveous news of 10000 teldrassils being burned with no survivors, every time anyone speaks in cinematic he needs to speak only in highly agressive tone with every second word being a swearing (preferably in russian) while chopping heads left and right, there must be quota of women/children/dogs horribly dying on screen every second quest, also we need to constatly remind players that this game is about WAR by opening an in-game window with photo of metzen covered in strawberry gem that holds world of WARcraft logo with WAR part being highlighted

Hmm :thinking: it has been 17 years I keep saying I quit the game. I did it from Wrath to Mists but nostalgia brought me back… left at the start of Legion and BFA cinematic brought me back, again :neutral_face: i pre purchased TWW because I know I will play, eventually. And if I don’t, I’ll ask for a refund but for now I enjoy the extra mount and stuff, thanks.

Older expansions were horror stories compared to this DF friendship is magic moments.

I liked things like before going to UC, hallway before throne room. You can see roses and hear bells from wc3 when Arthas was walking there. In throne room you can hear dialog where Arthas speaks to king Terenas.

Or lore behind Thaddius how it was made from women and childrens and you can hear them screaming in naxx.

Also whispering weapons were nice (ashbringer, jaithys etc)

They have done these nice little things and they should do more. If they want some friendship and family things, then make family event where we can hug everyone and visit other factions capital citys without getting killed.

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Something in the middle would be cool, or a mix between very dark and very happy story. For example you go into a cave and it’s extremely dark and feels dangerous. Then you go back to camp and it’s happy

Yes let’s burn storm wind to the ground and hang the residents from the gates

Im not sure why people need the game to be darker TBH. This expansion has covered murder, slavery, immolation, abuse, extreme violence and more! You are never going to see it graphically depicted because of the rating but it is all there.
I think some people just lack the imagination to really see what some of the quests and storylines are talking about.

Having said that (and much as I love DF) that one cinematic was clunky af and even made me cringe!