Has anyone this vibe from DF cinematics?

Blizzard: so what your saying is that you want Siege of Org Part III … alright we’ll get right on that

and as for the final boss he’ll be some random orc you never heard of but he was always there and really high ranking :stuck_out_tongue:

the new and incredibile rust horde will be a threat to both the alliance and the true horde and you will get amazing rusted armors that look like crap from it :stuck_out_tongue:

I find it entertaining to read how mature you people are, and what scale of childish you rate the game.

How old are you people?

I am sorry, but this is how I hear my 11 year old discuss childish with his friends. I guess some never stop being passionate about their maturity.

Also, when did we start rating peacefull and happy as childish, and violence and hunger for blood as mature? Last I checked it’s more complex than that.

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Well, I certainly share not this vibe but I can totally see it being pushed in some way narrative-wise by some of the devs vibing to it.

Good that you are entertained :+1: keep it that way.

When all of this expansion feeled like slow talking dragons looking for friendship and in the end they get it gets boring.

Maby you need to be little childish if you liked that last cinematic.

If you believe in friendship hard enough you can do anything kinda stuff.

Yea basically.

Sucks that reality is not so forgiving.

Realistically though… The champions are kinda too powerful for anything that isn’t a titan level threat at this point.

Maybe stop linking interest and maturity? Yeah, I do find questlines cringe at times. That doesn’t mean they are childish. It just means that it didn’t fit with my idea of a good quest.

I didn’t like the druid that had me make him a blanket, get his heated heartstone and then sing him a lullaby. I also cannot stand Lady Moonberry or most of Ardenweald. Never blamed it on my maturity level, because I just don’t see the connection.

What I do see in this patch however, is a lot of references to the original Teldrassil. I see people whine about their new direction in the Emerald Dream, but what I see is them going back to the roots of the nightelven culture and questing experience from vanilla. If you find this childish, that is fine, but don’t pretend these quests have a new agenda.

Yes, I just got to see what happens after killing Fyrakk on my partner’s screen, and like me, he pays attention to the dialogues and details too. Yeah, he found the cutscene a bit meh, but otherwise he did find it promising and with good references to the past nightelven questing experience. It might just not be your cup of tea, and that is fine. You are playing an orc anyways, from what I can see of your tiny avatar while typing. I am not into orc lore at all. I find it super dull. That’s a huge + to this game… it’s a huge universe with plenty of different lore to pick as preference.

Yeeee! Now you’re talking. And while we’re at it, lets use the bones of the dead to make weapons with and murder anyone we don’t like!

Everyone has their own opinions and thats fine. Good for you if you like how things go now. To me in this expansion all dragons dialogs feel so dull. I dont know right words to explain but that slow speaking tone and how they speak dont work for me.

To all night elves, i’m actually happy what they get. I would have taken little different way to do it. To me all nelf players who whine about it should be happy that they get back to their roots.

I play 70% of time on horde side (mostly orcs) and 30 on alliance. I only play alliance side when doing dungeons/pvp with my kids (5kids so we have always full dungeon group). Last few years orc lore has been little dull, but i prefer older lore.

Soon is christmas, so i wish you happy waiting for christmas :+1:

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Path of glory but on azeroth

People keep hoping for Game of Thrones. Lord of the Rings. Or something close to Warcraft 3-type story telling again. But Blizzard keeps giving us Avatar, the last airbender. Or Netflix’s Dragon prince type story telling instead. (Witch aren’t bad shows at all, but still clearly intended for a younger crowd than the average wow player)

WoW players are being a little misunderstood when some people believe the ‘‘maturity’’ part of the story content they want revolves around how much blood and gore or sweaty orcs there is. when thats not necessarily the case at all

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and how did you feel about all the other quests where you straight up murdered a ton of dryads and druids for supporting Fyrakk?
Not to pick you out on purpose but I feel like this is alot of the issue. People see one random quest that is light hearted and then forget about all the others that involve death and violence!

I think you are talking to the wrong person here.

Aye, but 12a still means there’s a bit of depth. It’s just how awfully dramatic everyone gets about feelings.

It’s cliche now for some elf to look down and away as they express that whatever is currently happening, that should be pretty exciting in itself, makes them feel glum.

It’s too shallow and moody, to be honest. Give us more Wrathgates. If it’s gotta be shallow, just make it more adventurous and fun. 12a can do that for sure.

Depth doesn’t mean dark tho

Oh lord, no. Of course it doesn’t; but it would be nice to have some of that too. Even if its just a threatening bad guy.

Varian’s death was dark and that worked.

Depth just means stopping app this vapid sobfests. This is World of Warcraft and we could do with some more excitement and energy. Not “fwamily” daftness.

And it had the same treatment as back in MoP. Everyone else getting sidelined to make him seem awesome…

You’re right depth doesn’t mean dark, the issue is wow is black and white in storytelling which means even when it attempts dark it comes across as childish, shadowlands wasn’t dark, it was kiddy version of hell.

Until they stop with the moral absolutism they will never be able to write good stories.

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But Varian was awesome. He wasn’t shoehorned in. That’s where they’ve gone wrong with some many others, like Sylvanas.

Focusing on a character can be good as long as the reason they are awesome is not forced.

Hard to find Varian awesome when it was at the expense of the rest of the cast, rather than actually writing a good story.

Tyrande a 10,000 year old warlord for some reason had to be educated by 40y something human in Guerilla warfare.

Jaina and Garrosh got the villain bat.

The dwarves were portrayed as incompetent for being stuck in a ongoing civil war.

Voljin literally got killed because reasons.

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Not only was Voljin killed for stupid reasons,
he died basically doing nothing while being warchief (because WOD) and that to a random fellguard#43943

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