Has anyone this vibe from DF cinematics?

Nope, nope, I’ll give it to you that the Tyrande v Varian bit is fair enough. That was bad writing and a bit I had forgotten about. That is Mary Sue writing, and not good. Still, Varian was a strong character despite some rather problematic mansplaining issues.

Tyrande has been suffering a lot recently. Writers have been trying to make her dramatic, but all she has been doing is getting angsty, failing to slay her targets, being indecisive and generally mopping about. She should be a badass!

Jaina and Garrosh are both victims of general writing, rather than directly being foils to Varian. Same with the Dwarves. Jaina has been yoyoing between hatred and friendship so much that I’d worry she’s got a disorder.

Vol’jin was cast aside for Sylvanas. Again, she was crowbarred into the spotlight. They tried making her immediately badass without any organic progress to it. It was a lurch. Vol’jin wasn’t even dead and suddenly Sylvanas is leading the Horde against the Legion? Even when they make landfall, Vol’jin seems to defer to her.

Sylvanas could have been great. She already had character. If Vol’jin had just been given a bit more time as Warchief, the story could have eventually earned Sylvanas the successor title. For what we got, Sylvanas was a Mary Sue; everyone deferred to her lead, plot-whispers gave her the throne, she committed mass genocide and got away with it, she has no last repercussions and effectively gets her soul back freely.

She is currently no worse off than Rohkan, Brann Bronzebeard, or Rexxar, to name a few. As in, she just doesn’t have screen time. Heck, even Malfurion is in the same boat; he’s not getting punished. Sylvanas should be dead dead.

I think the writers don’t realise that the night elves were brtual MF’s yet they seem to keep trying to write them like flower gathering hippies. Tyrande becoming night warrior was them trying to make her darker be really that just how all night elves should have been written IMO. They believed in both the peaceful side of nature but also the brutal being ripped apart by predators side.


Yep. That’s the sort of stuff I liked a lot.

Stratholme being a perpetually burning city full of undead was really cool to explore, especially with the added context of what happened to cause the place to be left in such a state in the first place.

Exactly, they keep dropping into that same cliche. Forest elves in pop culture always seem to have the background of or lore of being feral wild people. They would kill outsiders for alien reasons like that they didn’t leave a snail shell under the tree that they sat beside.

They were wild and proud. Then, boom, suddenly they are the party’s soft, shy, small-animal-loving healer. Why!?

Night Elves have a massive culture spanning over 10,000 years, yet it means nothing cos they are just tall humans now with pointy ears… They should still be proud warriors! They have their traditions and mindsets about things, but why does it have to be all hippie, soppy, feelings?

Tyrande can be caring without being weak. So far, all she has been portrayed as is weak…


To be fair she’s was like a thousand years old and had spent pretty much her whole life leading rangers in battle so it would make sense as the leader to leave combat decision to you most experienced general.

I mentioned this on another post somewhere but that’s modern American writing, they suck at writing women. Their only concept of a strong women is basically a narcissist on a power trip, and because no one find that enjoyable they basically make every male character around them snivelling or incompetent. It’s literally offensive to all genders at the same time, so i guess equality?


They’re in denial that men and women are wired differently. Some exceptions exist, of course, but many societal roles and trends are societal roles and trends for a reason…

What I like to point to is that, yes, some women can be pretty physically strong but they’re the exception rather than the rule. When one deals with reality, I point to firemen - in order to rescue people from a burning building they need to be able to not only bear the weight of equipment but carry a potentially heavy man or woman in addition to that.

So…you see very few women in an active role there. Then there’s the matter of war - some women serve in combat roles, certainly, though the majority of people fighting and dying in war are men.

I think a lot of unnecessary damage is being done to society in general by ignoring such differences.

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No I got more a how to train your dragon vibe.

I would like Thrall vs Garrosh style cinematics… The ones we currently get are very childish…


Last time I felt that shiver was on Illidan + naaru cinematic from legion, was really good one, I also admired bfa trailer cinematic, all warbringers and covenant animations, especially kyrian one


Big yes :joy:

However I think it’s a one and done for them, seeing that it is the first expansion I have played that felt this way. Shadowlands was much darker in theme, and TWW also seems to be darker in theme.

Expansions just tend to be different from time to time. And seeing how current Blizz seems to listen atm, I think they will too with the overwhelming “Disney vivbe” feedback people have complained about :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish it would be atleast on airbender’s level, df vibe is literally giving “my littlepony”. After raid finale cinematic i wouldn’t be surprised AT ALL if at the end of expansion we’ll get musical cinematic of alexstrasza and kalecgos singing about friendship with merithra in the background holding picture of ysera and holding her heart with closed eyes and smile being shown more as kalecgos singing gets louder for the bridge. Then alextrasza will get in for the lala lala solo while our new aspect shows his huge skill of dancing in circle with his brothers wrathion and sebelion, At the end all of them will yell hurraaaaaaaaaaay, clap their hands and happy music will slowly fade.


Maby this is what Jailer warned us in his ending cinematic?

Well, Wotlk was a very grim story and most people consider it a masterpiece.

In fact, even the humorous moments were dark.

The reality is, for a story to have any kind of depth there needs to be a considerable amount of pain and grief behind it.

I’m not saying some light hearted comedy and entertainment is not welcome, but you cannot have the main story in this tone. Not in a game called World of Warcraft at least.

wow and all games in general should be balanced game where story is interesting and has all of everything a little bit, df is comedy for children, nothing that takes place in df could be considered higher than 3+

currently wow is only game that is considered " high populated " and makes such a joke of their playerbase

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