Have no idea what to do

Hello there i recently came back to wow i played a little bit of Uldir and the n stopped playing because of military service . I boosted a warlock yesterday and really have no idea what to do , no quest recommendation only the old ones that i have done them on my old char can someone tell me how do i start 8.3 quest or what to do???

Wouldn’t expect much from a guy from a guild named Sword Art Online


wouldn’t expect much from undead players

ladies be nice to each other.

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Hi Rog, Im the same as you mate, Im trying to get my shammy to play the new 8.3 content and have got myself a bit stuck, not sure what to do, well done on the military service and thank you for keeping us safe in our beds at night, hope you sort this out very soon bud

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According to this wowhead article there are pre-requisites required before you can move on into 8.3:-

Their full guide is available here:-

Unlocking Visions of N’zoth Content

With everything that it unlocks, the questline actually has a pre-requisite: you must have unlocked Nazjatar and Azerite Essences for your character before you receive the starting quest An Unwelcome Advisor/ Return of the Black Prince.

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The quests are distinguished with a darker tint on the ! Icon

Early on the war campaign will branch off a bit, the quests where you select a zone on the maps or sail to the other faction’s island zones are non essential if I recall correct, you can skip/ignore these and still progress to nazjatar and beyond quickly.

I suggest doing those quests I mentioned later as all the other quests via the war campaign will fast track your heart of azeroth to a set level(35 last patch), any azerite you get before then will go to waste unless your neck is already higher level.