Have you been playing any fun new games lately?

I try to not only play WoW, so I set aside some time for other games too.

Lately I’ve been playing Age of Wonders 4 (always liked the franchise) and it’s surprisingly deep. I love the art style here and the music. Some of my friends started playing too, but I think it’s the type of game I prefer playing solo as I don’t feel rushed that way. It’s definitely a long term game for me.

Someone recently gifted me Mind over Magic, which is a bit like Oxygen Not Included, and I love that game! Amazing graphics, and just entertaining to play. Still learning about it and it’s frequently changing still as it’s in Early Access. So far it doesn’t feel as busy and fast paced as NOI.

And lastly, my “somewhat competitive” side game is Fairytale Fables. That one is free and a spiritual successor of Storybook Brawl (that was the game of a former lead designer of Hearthstone). It’s F2P without P2P stuff. Just an auto battler that uses cards, IMO deeper than Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds. I enjoy the small community and the single developer that really engages with the players. It’s been coming along nicely, too.

What about you? Have you been playing anything fun lately?

Lately wow has been devouring my free time but I also played Elden Ring for a bit to help a friend using their summon system annd always running baldur’s gate once a week at a specific day with another friend since basically August or September. Yes, it’s that long when you take it 2 hours at a time.

I also tried crypt of the necrodancer as I got it as a gift since it got a new multiplayer mode. Seems really fun but I’ve barely played it so far.

Hop on and off Skyrim a bit (Modded mind you)
Satisfactory until I get to the point I can’t deal with the numbers and complicated higher tier levels. Waiting for 1.0 for that game.
Few old 16bit games on the ST. Mega Lo Mania, that sort of thing.
And maybe a few hours on Sim City on the SNES Mini.

Finally started Horizon Zero Dawn on PC last weekend and it’s much better than i expected.
Also still looks amazing and better than most current gen games, can’t wait to see Forbidden West on PC :smiley:


I loved that game! When I took an extended break from WoW, Zero Dawn was the first SP game that I actually managed to stick with and even finish. It had been years since I had actually completed a “normal” game. I liked it so much that I bought a PS5 so I could play the sequel right when it came out.

I can also recommend Days Gone, very underrated but excellent once you set some talents unlocked (and the hordes… :scream:).
RoboCop Rogue City is fun if you like the movie.
Still gotta finish Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, Cyberpunk + DLC and also gotta start Red Dead 2…

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