Haven't played DF since launch - 3 questions


I just returned to Dragonflight. I played it for the first 3-4 weeks after launch, and then returned to Classic. Now I’m back and have levelled a Holy Pala to 70, but I have a few questions.

  1. How do I gear up? I’m at 369 average iLevel at the moment, and farming normal dungeons / timewalking to 372 to do HC dungeons that drop 389 and then moving to Mythic 0 for 398 is an alternative, but it seems slow and with small increases in iLevel between the difficulty levels.

  2. How do you make gold? Don’t need to make loads, but I picked up Herb + Mining in the hope of making at least some gold, and it seems to be very low yield on those.

  3. Is there anything I really should get done? Do I need to worry about Renown? I’ve planned to do the new storyline that came out with the new patch, Guardians of the Dream, but is there anything else I should be doing?

Thanks in advance!

  1. Head to Maruukai in Ohn’aran Plains. Take the Dreamsurge quests from the Archdruid. 100 Coalescence gets you a 415 piece of gear. The Chrysalis gives you a 428. Each WQ gives you 10 Coalescence, and there are a bunch of green glowy orbs around the zone you can fly through that give you 1-5 Coalescence each. Mobs also drop it. The event every half hour will give you 40-50. So 415s are easily grindable, and that should give you some chance to get onto the M+ ladder as a healer.
    If you get through the various Campaigns, you should be able to get to the Emerals Dream zone for the newer gear


  1. There should be about 5K available from Gold rewards in World Quests, plus 500 each from every Rider’s Purse. That refreshes twice a week, averaging 15K per character per week. Herbs and Ore proces have collapsed
    There may be other farms. You can check YT for the latest.


  1. Renown is just for cosmetics, and some low gear that is useless now… Pathfinder for normal flying may require Renown 15 with all the factions, butthey were talking about removing that, so idk. Anyhow, you don’t need it. Just get through to the Emerald Dream patch.

Perfect, thanks for the answers!

415 ilvl can be obtained from a bunch of sources. There should be at least one or two world quests in the leveling zones that give equipment reward (use the magnifying glass icon on the map to filter world quests by reward type). For dungeons you should wait for Wednesday when the new season starts and the ilvl in them increases. Once the season starts even heroic dungeons will give you vault rewards, though if you manage to do higher difficulty that will of course increase the reward.

And if you go for the weekly 428 from the dreamsurges than you can get another one from time rifts in Thaldraszus.

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Forget dream search till next week, just go to the new zone and you will get gear fast:
watchh the movie and you will have a good level fast.

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