Having a hard time leveling as priest

So i started leveling this priest and im having a hard time with it, i play shadow to level and the dmg seems very low right now and i can only pull 1 mob at a time, its really slow.

So im wondering does it get better?

Will i be able to do world quests in shadowlands zones solo?

Is the maw easy or hard for a priest?

The maw? Every class can play in the maw. You escape it as soon as possible as it’s a disgusting zone without mounts to force you to play in it longer than the bare minimum.

Back on topic shadow priest damage is very competitive single target and cleave. Their aoe style from days gone isn’t the same as say Aff/boomkin. But they do fine yes.

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Yes it gets alot better once you pump out that haste close to 21%+ before that… Youre basically trying to get out a cast that will be delayed 4 times from a mobs melee attacks wasting your leveling time even further.

Its hard, you dont have mobility and you dont have a way to clear out roots/snares/immobilize. That itself will kill you many times over there.

We have been whining about priest mobility for a long time here in the forums and because priests are the only spec that cant clear roots/snares without using their 2min CD or with absolutely no way for holy/disc. But as it seems blizzard is ignoring us and want us to play priest like its WoD DK that had only deaths advance back then.

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that is build for fast lvling. Use Void form on CD even if it 1-3 mobs. And vampiric embrace on bigger pulls.


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