HC dead on mount - lag is nice

Well I died level 37 by my own fault, instantly went back again, I died now because of blizzard fault, I don’t want to play anymore :frowning:
I feel empty it’s hard to describe, I had so much fun, and would still have If I died because I played poorly


Lost 2 paladins (yeah I am a pink boy, don’t judge … pun intended i guess) due to my own mistakes (kobolds say hi and ore was to jucy the second time … worgen hit hard).
I just went for a run and hit the gym to beat the aggression out of me, because i f up.

Now I played the third one very careful and I tried to have at least 2 “oh s”-buttons for every fight (I logged off, when bubble was on CD) … I tried to only quest with green mobs.

Then I ran to the goblins in STV (the blue crystal quest) and did that. Thereafter I ran to the path (like it can be seen in the screenshot) - all out of combat (elvui lights the border light red, while infight).

Suddenly I get hit - I hear the sound, but no change in hp (bar stays full).
I run to the path … I get out of combat and mount again … then BAM … 100 to 0 in an instant and no mob in sight …

Yeah … I am done with this mode, if blizz doesn’t give some kind of crazy elaborate reply according the lags - I don’t see my character coming back … but loosing it like that … it killed the whole mood and the whole mode for me …

I had bubble, potion and LoH ready - I played careful - I wasn’t near anything.
Still … I died because of something that was 100% out of my control and with no way of doing anything.

And I hate it … I want to “go agane” … I really do, but the nagging feeling in the back of the head … I did nothing wrong and got punished for it …

THAT feeling is a “quit moment” for every situation - be it relationship, sport or games. You get punished for something out of your control and you are powerless to do anything.

Possibly you will forgive, but you won’t forget.
And me … I never go back to this kind of things … and I hate it …

I took the time to scroll through their twitter or “X” replies, official answer from their customer service is "Understandably this isn’t a fate we hoped for any HC character, though we still do not have any plans to resurrect dead characters for this, or indeed any other reason.

I hope you understand and wont be discouraged from getting started again on another character."

So no even if the fault is on blizzards end they will do nothing for you, I am sorry to say. I am firmly camped in the inn until this resolves I wont play.

Source of tweet: Blizzard CS EU on Twitter/X in reply under the thread “[#Warcraft] Have you recently sent mail…”

Thank you kindly for this information.
It just proofed my point of “them weathering the storm”.

Sad to hear, but at least it gives some kind of “closure”.

I wish everybody a good journey in HC and may you all reach your goals.
For me the journey ends here.

Blizz is incompetent beyond belief. on all levels. why they would release a laggy HC where people die of glitches and rubberband in 2023 is beyond me. and there are tons of issues with bots and exploits on ERA, and their ham fisted destruction of classic pvp

its like a crew of imbeciles that inherited a fortune from some distant, long dead uncle and are now p*ssing it against the wall as fast as they can



Preformatting </> is your friend.
Sad story.

Wish there was better news my friend, sorry your HC journey ends here though it is very understandable! I would probably have done the same if I died. It is the sad state of modern blizz, there was a time long ago where they would have fixed it and handed out some gametime to compensate, that is the time before they became a soul-less corporate entity and there was still passion in the team behind the game.


I am just curious, how many of you felt the lag and continued playing against it ?
It sucks to lose characters because of lag, but if you feel the gameplay is laggy and not stop immediately, it’s on you.

i played for like 4 hours today and there was no heavy lag for me.

Tbh I felt the lag on few occasions before the big one that killed me. How could I have known the lag would become so bad. But I learned my lesson now.

Let’s continue our discussion in this thread where it’s more likely to receive any official response from Blizzard:

same… i die to now in fliying…

Dead while flying over Searing Gorge

Same here… I was flying from IF to the Western Plaguelands. I logged back and found the character dead.

The servers were stable since release. Then they had to make a long maintenance and ‘fix’ them… :frowning: Maybe that was just a greedy hardware downscaling? How else this worse performance can be explained?

100% this because they reduced the number of layers too

Only problem to log in, had to do three times (this happens now and then = often), but once in no probs for long, then huge lagspike (world suddenly empty, not moving …) Me in SW luckily, and stopped play immediately. So mostly you get no warning “mini-lagg”.

US has no lagg.

The lag doesn’t seem to be isolated to hardcore servers either. This week I’ve experienced the same kind of lag on both hc and Era. On Era I was stuck on the gryphon in IF for like a solid minute (Zandalar Tribe).

I died flying over wetlands. I spent all the day fishing without moving because the lag, and when i went to wetlands to change the fishing spot i die during the flight. thats not fair at all. thats not harcore. there was not a simple advice from blizzard for this.
Many people on my guild have die at the same time because they were on gryphon flight. My body is in a unreacheble place. * Theoretically players cant get of the gryphon. im pretty sure Blizzard could do a rollback with conditions.
Level 35 druid

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server files can’t handle the mount of players or something. I think they just used the vanilla files without updating it to some of the latest technologies ? xD

they should definitely add appeals for these deaths I died 3 times to DCs ( 2 of them were server sided) since I play a mage I cant survive a dc. Yesterday session was full of freezes for me and for players in my pt.

Login gateway is flooded somehow and throwing random connection errors at trying to login!

Blizz ?

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It’s a normal feeling, you invest a lot of time, days of /played only to lose it all to server lag. If my 60 died to server lag I’d be out too.

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