[H]<Dark Wolves> (est.2007) Casual Raiding, M+, Social Guild

We got our final boss in heroic last week … so now we can relax a bit :slight_smile: Still raiding of course … running alts through heroic and occasionally working through achievements.

We also got to announce this week that our guild member who created keystone.guru has joined with raider.io to go on to do bigger and better things together!

Just as a reminder, and an update … we are still recruiting. Other than very rare occasions, our doors are always open to new members, irrespective of level, class, role or experience. We offer a laid back, friendly atmosphere where we understand real life comes first, but when you want to play WoW you might want to just sit and fish (honest! some people WANT to fish in WoW!!), collect battle pets, do achievements or get involved in group activities such as raiding or M+.

Please do refer to the first post in this thread for full info :wink:

We are currently experiencing a bit of a tank shortage. It always seems to be too many or too few :stuck_out_tongue:

We can’t guarantee a permanent tank spot, as we just run casual raids with no set raid team and try to rotate people into their preferred roles if there are more than we need. We can just about guarantee a raid space - certainly currently - but it might not necessarily always be a tank spot.

So I realise that probably puts a lot of people off straight away. The problem we’ve encountered is that those who want to pure tank … don’t seem to for long. They either stop playing, or decide they want to play a different character/different role. That’s nothing against us - as mentioned, we’re a casual raiding guild so lots of members have lots of alts, and lots of other interests and/or commitments irl. And of course some do their learning and acclimitisation with us … then decide they want to progress to Mythic raiding and just leave.

In an ideal world - we’re looking for someone who is a casual player. Who is around fairly regularly, who can attend both raid nights most of the time. Who doesn’t look to raid on that one character until they have the gear they want and then just stop playing it, or move on. Someone who enjoys raiding in a fun guild group, without having to have the carrot of progression or gear upgrades.

It doesn’t have to be someone with a lot (or even any) raid tanking experience, just someone who is open to a bit of learning if needed.

Notwithstanding the above … we are still recruiting other roles too :wink:

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