[H][Draenor] Casual raiding guild Consider Phlebas (10/10hc) looking for a couple dps to start mythic raiding


Consider Phlebas is a mature raiding guild, founded on Quel’Thalas back in TBC. It has gone through some changes over the years, but its core values and members are still here. Since others come and go, we are always looking for members to join our ranks.

We are an heroic raiding guild aiming to get Curve before the next raid comes out. Our raiding days are Wednesday and Sunday roughly from 20:00 to 23:00 server time. We don’t have any raiding attendance requirement, all we ask of our members is to know their class, stay somewhat decently geared if they cant make raids regularly, and be mature enough to take some criticism at times. But most importantly enjoy the game.

Outside of the raiding days we do some mythic+, and a couple arenas here and there but nothing to crazy or demanding.

Since we cleared HC Castle Nataria and still got a fair amount of time left this patch we are looking to get into some mythic raiding. Nothing to seriously, but hopefully getting a couple bosses down. For this reason we are recruiting a couple DPS to fill some spots. We are especially interested in a DK, WW monk, and ranged dps.

If you are looking for a raiding guild with a casual atmosphere, but at the same time want to give mythic raiding a go, don’t hesitate to add me on bnet to have a little chat: (Synx#2177).


Bumping to help out and try and geta few mythic bosss down

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bump for mythic fun

bump for mythic fun