[H][Draenor] <Harm> 3/10 M

Who we are -

Harm was born amongst a group of friends of like-mind to create a welcoming atmosphere and a non-toxic environment.

Our main aim for the guild is to push high-content without the cutthroat world of meta slaving and the toxicity that it brings - you bring the person not the class and we do not like the idea of forcing players to play certain classes, you play what you enjoy. With this idea in mind we are wanting to progress more in this current tier with competent and strong willed players.

As of right now, we have 3/10 Mythic with some progress on Sunking. We started very late into this tier and have already made great strides, our aim next tier is to push hard into Mythic as soon as possible.

We raid Mythic on Thursday/Sunday 8pm Servertime to 11pm. Heroic clear Tuesday 8-11pm

What we expect of you -

Community - It is imperative that you gel well with the guild and you uphold some sort of social interaction with us, we are not exclusively a raiding guild and having a rapport within the guild is paramount for guild health.

An understanding that we are all adults and some of us have children - this means real life always comes first.

Bring your best - This is self-explanatory that we require you to perform to the best of your abilities, this is all we will ever ask for.

Patience - Not everything is going to go down in one pull, we are all in this together.

What we provide -

We provide feasts and cauldrons for our Mythic progression raids.

All classes and roles are considered at this moment in time.

How to contact us - Discord -

Guild Master: FuzzyWuzzyBear#1953

Officer: Stace#6358


Only a few DPS spots left for our mythic roster. If you’re interested our officers would love to have a chat with you on discord.

Hey, any interest in a resto druid? Add me on battlenet if interested :slight_smile:

Still looking for some dps to join our ranks!

What else are you looking for DPS wise?
Here is a bit about me…

Hey Sstriken, would you be able to pop a message to me in discord please? :slight_smile:

We’re still on the hunt for a couple more DPS to complete our mythic roster. Please hit up our officers if you’re interested in learning more about our guild.

Currently 1/10 M with strong prog on Huntsman. Currently looking for a Warrior :slight_smile:

Huntsman is down! We’re still looking for a couple more DPS to round us out and we also now have a tank spot open.

Hungering has gone down and we’ve started progress on Sun King. If you think you might be a good fit for our community please don’t hesitate to contact our officers for a chat.

Harm is still looking for Mythic Progression Raiders!

Our officers are opening up recruitment for all classes and roles with an eye for building a resilient mythic progression team for 9.1. We’ve established a great community this tier and we’d like to adopt some more mythic. heroic and social members into our family.