[H][Draenor] <Rehab INC> Heroic raiding on Draenor


Rehab Inc is a long-standing casual heroic guild that was established back in 2006. We have seen our ups and downs, but ever since Hellfire Citadel our goal has always been to get Curve from every raid WoW offers - and this is something we have done successfully. We have a mature playerbase that enjoy many aspects of WoW, be it raiding, mythic+, running old raids for collectibles or pvp. Most of all we play for fun and to escape the burdens of real life!

This is what you can expect, should you join Rehab Inc:

Semi-serious raiding at the heroic level. Although we might occasionally take a stab at your random mythic boss, heroic is our bread and butter. As such, we do not plan for mythic, or recruit for it (let’s face it, flex just makes things so much easier).
Relaxed attitude towards raiding, altough we do take things seriously when need be (e.g. in regards to raid focus, consumable usage etc.)
Mythic+ action
Drama-free environment, with no tolerance for harassment or bullying people (except in a joking way)
Random stupidity both in-game and on Discord (we are not a family-friendly guild, which is why we have a minimum age requirement)

This is what we expect from potential applicants:

20+ years of age
Interested in raiding at the heroic level and/or interested in mythic+ (preferably both)
Mature attitude towards the game and towards others
Sense of humour

Raid times:

Wednesdays & Sundays 20.30 - 23.30 server time.

Current progress: 10/10Heroic CN

Current recruitment status:

Healer spots are OPEN
Tank spots are CLOSED
Dps spots are OPEN

If Rehab Inc seems like a good fit for you, please visit
`https://www.rehab-ftw.org/discord´ and type ‘!apply’ in the applications channel and answer a couple of questions. You can also ask any questions you have in that channel. Thank you for reading!

Torghast is cool

Still need more for raid spots, mythic plus, role playing in Oribos and so on.

Now at 3/10 Heroic and still looking for more Rehabbers if twice a week raiding is your thang?

Are yous still looking? And if so what spaced are available?


Still LFM, head to Discord and apply if you’re interested

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