[H][Draenor]LF casual guild to raid /mythic+ and have fun⁸

Hey all!

Warlock destro/affliction(if is need it) returned after quitting in april because of guild disbanding is looking for a chill and friendly casual guild to raid, do mythic+ and have fun in game. Right now I am ilvl217 (grinding right now to catch up because this was not my main) with CN normal/heroic 10/10 and SOD 5/10 normal. I’m not looking forword to mythic raiding…My goal is clearing HC and have fun doing other stuff in the game
For more questions pls add me :
Bnet: frost#28825
Discord: ELhondro#0705



still looking for a guild

Hey there Frostylock!

Is realm/faction change, or re-rolling an option for you?
If so, we’re looking for more people to join us for raiding, starting from this weekend.

Have a look and see what you think; Ministry of Silly Wipes

If we sound like what you’re after, feel free to add me on Discord to chat!

Hi Frostylock

You have also have a look at our guild recruiment post: Lux Aeterna is LF a few dedicated raiders - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hey! sry but I don’t wanna change realm or faction.