Headless Horseman is broke

Not seeing any other posts, but now the Headless Horseman mount is no longer able to be summoned as ground mount.

It’s only considered a flying mount currently,
Is there any posts or whatever about this? Or did Blizzard just completely break the mount lol.

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It is both, was restricted before, since the game runs on modern core.

Correct, it’s just however not working in Dalaran at this moment.(Ground mount version)
It works everywhere other than Dalaran for whatever reason lol.(I teleported to Stormwind for 1 minute and it worked)

It’s been working since TBC, now it’s just broke in dalaran :sob:

Ah I see what you mean, you didn’t specify about Dalaran initially, yea that sucks.

Yeah confirming above. The most flexible awsome mount ingame is broke. Can’t be used in Dala apart from Krasus Landing. Very sad…

They said so in a post. That mount and the dragon from the monthly sub thing would not work as they did before.

Does this mount have 310% flying speed?

No it does not.

What post?

This? - The headless horseman was a ground and flying mount to begin with, now they have broken it in Dalaran.

Also Headless Horseman’s Mount flying animation is broken. Have you noticed that? Horse makes small quick steps while flying instead of previous well known animation.

RIP my beautiful HH pony. The fun we had, the touch and go’s we performed. It was too good to last…

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