Healer Abuse in BG's

Semi serious title but i’m sure you can relate.

Be healer > try and heal your team while they do nothing about the shaman/warrior/rogue abusing you from behind.

“OMG, do we even have healers? our healers are AFK.”

Be healer, manage to survive abuse on AB - somehow be the only one left defending a flag. Makes no sense, ask someone to come defend and/or go off to action where heals are actually necessary.

“Get back on the flag idiot” followed by “OMG where are our healers?”

Random BG’s…will they ever change? I know the answer to that, no need to depress me any further.

Good day.


You know what, you are 100% right. I’m personally guilty of this and didn’t even realise.

From this day forth, not ONE negative comment will be uttered against a healer in BG, instead my focus will be to support these brave souls.

Thanks for playing a healer my friend. It is not an easy road to walk.


I’d say if you are offended then you are guilty. I don’t care much about such things generally cuz I can allways show my numbers.
Well, if it’s really rough and stupid I just quit. And there is an addon for blacklist which announces if you happen to meet that person again. Must have for a healer probably. Global ignore list.
By the way, you think you are playing a healer on a BG, but you are actually allways playing tanks role. So it’s about you like it or you quit, cuz mostly you will tank on your own without peels. It’s different story unlike PvE healing.

Those comments always make me smile.

Last time it was used was when some lonely warrior charged straight into a pack of 9. Yea, then you better bring with a jar of vaseline.


That works?!?!?!

When ever i play healer in random bgs i heal guys that are interested in team work that peels for me or others, the rest of the zug zugs are on their own.
Natural selection is beautiful


TBH there is only one logical response to that. You playing a higher priority role overrides the courtesy principle of staying on the base as the last person to move out. Just get out and do your stuff, it was not your job to stay back and guard base.

I don’t like calling stuff similar to real life, but it’s like in your job you picked up somebody’s task “because it needs doing”, then accepted abuse for not doing your tasks.


Just stop healing the toxic guy and watch him die evey fight while his team mates are topped, most enjoyable thing ever


I saw some healers healing less than Dps…

I get your point, but that’s actually laughable class design. I remember watching the WOW arena battles on the weekend where the team that won had their healer do 1.5m healing while the feral druid on the same team did 1m…

…maybe i’m a minority but i think dps should be dps and any healing they can do is minimal. Anyway, gone off topic there sorry.


There was alway dps with good healing. If you remove healing from class like Enhacement shaman, you’ll destroy it.

In the same way there is Dps that heal alot, there is healers that deal alot of damage.

Anyway, the worst healer class heal more than the best Dps off heal, so there is no reason for healers healing less than Dps.

You think people only blame on healers, but they also blame on people with bad damage, and I’ve seen healers blaming dps for not protecting them

true, blame goes around in all directions.
But my issue isn’t with dps trying to protect healers with bad dps, its dps not protecting healers at all

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One of our dps played a healer for a rated game and realised how little peeling happens and how hard it was to stay out of CC chains and interupts.

The best way for people to learn is to try out a class or role. Then see how hard it is on high stress moments. Healing in S1 shadowlands has been the most stressful but also oddly one of the most fun I’ve had.

Trying to kill a DH flag carrier with 2 Hpals is my idea of hell.



Ye same for healers…when 8/10 ppl goibg for lighthouse at the start of the bg and our only two healers stays there to defend…
i mean you cant blame dps for everything…healers and tanks are dubasses too…

As someone who mainly plays tank, its kind of the same for me.
If you are Tanking or Healing it is EXPECTED of you to PTFO.
If you are dps it not rally frowned apon that much if you muck around in mid, getting kills, but not PTFO.

Amd I’ve seen healers doing more damage than some dps. Gosh, what a clever and insightful point you made.

I am on board with this if it goes the other way as well. I’ve seen BGs where healer was top damage done. That’s just not right. Healers should not be able to damage a gnat, let alone some geared DK.

The way it SHOULD logically be (though Blizz destroys logic every time it can - the existence of twinks is proof of that):

  • Healer can heal a lot, hard to kill, but can’t damage anything
  • Tank can’t do much damage - only minimal - but it’s hard to kill, but it can’t heal, just withstand enormous damage before dying
  • DPS should be able to do a lot of damage, and not heal at all

This is obviously NOT how it is, but wouldn’t it be interesting to experience that? If Blizz would start experimenting with these ‘brawls’, for example, trying different ideas like this (and others), we could have a really fun time.

Alas, we get ‘food fights’ and ‘azerite collecting PvE’ instead. Sigh.

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Because Healers are Tanks and dps too in PvP. Dps can heal but they get out of mana very fast.

It’s 2021…a new game has launched…friskydingo’s MMO

tank spec take little damage but do little damage and no healing
healers heal for a lot but do no damage
dps do loads of dps but do no healing

thoughts please…

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