Healer lf 3s Glad-Push

Hey you!
Im Looking for a Glad-Push Team this Season ( i know theres not that much time left).
My mates stopped playing a while ago, so im looking for experienced, active and motivated Mates.
Have at least Glad xp on your Class/Spec , the Comb doesnt matter to me, should just be viable. I can play every Healer but would prefer Disc because its in a good Spot atm. I have only low Cr atm @ 3s on any of my 11 Healers, because i played only RSS until now with 16 alts :smiley:

If youre interested and your Team includes 2 DPS with a good synergy, hit me up :wink:
Btag: holytoptv#2125

Hey! Would love to help here as iโ€™m looking for the same.

Iโ€™m playing as Retri paladin, yes a retri, but iโ€™ve played the paladin for the past 2 years.
Also as a paladin, i donโ€™t know if we are a good match.
Iโ€™m at 2.4xp solo shuffle tho, but dont get frightend by that.