Healers in 2v2s is ridiculous (mainly druid)

Game is not balanced around 2v2. Also druid isn’t even op this season in 2v2 lol

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Acting as if rdruid isn’t still the best healer lol

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They did nerf it quite tho so its more like boring now, and hpri just got sweet rework which made it fun and then there is the matter of dps build discs that play with outlaw or sin. sv+rdruid is still what it is but I wouldnt say its nothing exciting theres other stuff that I would look at for 2v2 if I were to play.

Have you clocked the current haste build disc dps when it play with outlaw that enables him cast? When the disc is top dmg of the entire lobby with 40-50% lol. Theres some pretty op stuff out there if you go to streams and youtube.

for a total of 2 seconds before it gets 1 shotted

shadow priest sucks in 2s

double dps 2s sucks even more (unless ur rogue mage)

sp only works in 2s with resto shaman or resto druid
and even then its hard and boring against melees or hunters
so find something better to do with ur time
incoming “ill do whatever i want with my time”
ok then dont make posts about ur personal problems that dont exist for anybody else

Amen brother, i was thinking it, you said it.

save yourself a whole lot of frustration by not even playing pvp.

This week i tried to get back into it, gearing from bg’s and trying out arena. it frustrates me worse than quickplay lobbies in overwatch. that must say a lot.

abilities still hit for 50%+ your hp.
100-0 still exists in stunlocks (in absence of healer).
healers outheal every cooldown
a disc priest hit me for 500k.
i can go on but: it is not worth your time. best advice you’ll ever get if you follow up on it. avoid pvp just like blizzard.

“for a total of 2 seconds before it gets 1 shotted”
I’m sure it did in a higher rating than ~1600, but in 1600- it didn’t, with people not realising what it did, or not caring.

“shadow priest sucks in 2s”
It’s got plenty of util and low dmg, sure. It was fine, slightly underpowered, but if it was a 2v2 all dps or vs a healer that didn’t have massive HoT focus or that stupid ankh totem it was winnable through timing your heavy burst windows and CC’ing the healer. Once again, I must clarify in that bracket, I’m not talking 2.2k or something where I expect to see 3 different classes.

“Double dps 2s sucks even more”
THAT’S THE POINT, we have the main PVP mode of 3v3s which the game is balanced around and having healers too weak will have them (understandably) complain about it because you’ll naturally focus the healer and it results in the healer trying to play a game where you’re entire rotation is self healing, baiting kicks and cycling defensives - effectively becoming an unarmed tank with an approaching enrage timer, just waiting until your CD’s run out. So naturally, the healers are busted and are balanced around having enough healing/util to survive a group of 3.
I’m a big fan of 3s, has me think about where to use my util a bit more and allows me to worry less about dying and focus more on dps/avoiding interrupts when I’m being focused.

“sp only works in 2s with resto shaman or resto druid”

“So find something better to do with your time”
We’re playing WoW, let’s not act like we’re here because we don’t have better things to do.

“incoming “ill do whatever i want with my time”
ok then dont make posts about ur personal problems that dont exist for anybody else”

Bit presumptuous, but since these problems don’t exist for anybody else, at least that you know, can we assume that it’s possible that you might be in a bit of small circle that is, as you said, not having this issue.

To close, I dislike the current state of 2s because the game is balanced for healers being viable in 3s, which I’m not against, but I think we should just move them over there, I think 2s should be dps vs dps as we don’t a PVP mode and when playing 2s I feel as a dps completely insignificant in power compared to the healer, because once again, that’s their design. There’s always the argument, swap holy or disc - and play something that turns me into “The unkillable being that keeps the other person on the team, who’s enjoying themselves, alive” simultaneously turning me into the most OP character and a side character. I’m not going to ask you to play Bloons Tower defense 5 so your friend can play DH, am I?

Dps vs dps is so much more fun in my opinion, not to mention the matches tend to be faster than 5 mins of fighting a mob that randomly evades mid combat, popping to full. Since PVP is already balanced toward the 3v3 scene, give them more healers and give us a mode which does not REQUIRE a ratio of 1:1 dps/healer which to be anything but misery for that healer has to have them be powerful enough to be unfocusable if they can do their rotation right.
I mean honestly, there’s a reason why the PVP scene has been dead for years and it’s the ratios. Most people play raiding or M+, safe to say with that information you’ll have ~60% dps, ~20% healer and ~20% Tanks, with dps trying to be more defensive in PVP in their rotations, which tanks are used to. So it’s easier for tanks to try out a dps spec in PVP as they don’t REALLY have to change their role, just spec. So let’s say, for the sake of arguement, out of all these players 80% would play dps in arenas and 20% would play healer, SO for 2v2 balance to require a healer, which it currently does (outside of the rogue/mage duo, apparently) that means ~60% of the player base is unable to play 2v2s, due to their playstyle, not class design -but the whole REASON behind each button press. With this ratio being 2:1 dps/healer - that changes to 40% of the player base being unable to play 3v3s.

If you’re going to balance 3v3s for a playstyle which one in 5 people play, could they at least give us people who want to deal damage instead of heal it a way to play without requiring the other person we play with to play a different game than us. I want to play with my friends, not instead of them.

Nobody is gonna read this wall of text, fyi

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this isn’t even true

Disc priest is S tier in 2v2, top 3 healer spec in 2v2

Disc priest is B tier(at best) in 3v3

Prevoker is A- in 2v2 at best

Prevoker is S+ tier in 3v3

Holy paladin is also much better in 3v3 than in 2v2

some specs are good everywhere, and some aren’t

this creates a massive gap on viability which you don’t realize

can a warrior queue double dps and win if he doesn’t win in the first 30 seconds?
can a DH do that?
some other specs?

this is the same arguement why solo shuffle of pure dps is a stupid idea

it creates an environment of everybody pressing their whole keyboard and whoever has the better burst and immunities gets to win

then play with ur friends

i dont understand this arguement at all

everybody who has complained about losing 2v2 by playing double dps can literally just find a healer and play 3v3, boom, ur suddenly able to live longer than 1 minute and have fun and make strategies

u clearly have not played some previous expansions where healers were obsolete vs some hybrid comps which could heal and stay alive for 5 minutes

which meant, why would u play with a healer when u could play with a feral with restoration affinity, healing just as much, or an enha shaman pressing healing surge for 70% of ur health bar?

thats a complete joke and thank god it was fixed this expansion

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