Healers in 2v2s is ridiculous (mainly druid)

I play SPriest with Psyfiend so I have a mortal strike but the second a resto druid up in my 2s I know it’s a loss because regardless of if their target is MS’d and they’re CC’d while both me and my DPS duo are pumping all CD’s with PI the pure healing capabilities (self and otherwise) is ungodly stupid. Just went against a resto druid with 1.02mil health, so pretty average and a windwalker monk with 600k - with all DPS going straight into this WW and CC on the druid the WW never went below 250k health. I’m just quitting twos until this BS is finished. Like honestly 7.9mil damage straight into this guy with my DH doing ~6.5m doesn’t bloody matter when the resto is pressing 4 buttons and pulling 10mil healing.

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Nothing stopping you from rolling a holy priest yourself and helping your team :woman_shrugging:

I help my team by doing top dps and CC, I have no issues with shadow priest. I think healers are decently balanced in 3v3s and fun to play against there, but I think they’re by far overtuned for 2v2s and a requirement past ~1400 rating if you don’t want to get rolled. Not to mention I don’t want to play a healer and neither do my friends because (shocker) it’s boring, not easy in every case, but always a bore.

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Psyfiend get os by anything, it’s not as insane as you think it is.

Rdruid match up as double dps is rough cause pets carry the game for them but tbh double dps this xpac is close to unplayable just cause there is too much immunity and stuff usable in cc + healer trinket down to 1m30 and off healing getting nerfed after shadow lands.

I recommend you to either play another bracket if you wanna push, or like said above play healer unforch man

2’s is a rough bracket for spriest as it is. It doesn’t help it’s filled with zug zug DH’s playing with druid healers.

You’re simply just being outcomped by a far superior match up.

Who even play spriest in 2v2? :octopus:

Imagine complaining about druids in 2s , when disc and holy priest completely dominate the bracket with a touch of fistweaver.

I mean, they heal the same as the druids while also do 4-5 million damage on top of things.

( before now the priest white knights come crying : no character on top of the ladder who haven’t played in month mean nothing ,

Yes holy and disc both get played 25-40% more than Rdruid in 2s each over the last 72h)

That’s not really true though is it?:roll_eyes:
It’s about the same if you go by activity… Far under rdruid in terms of the rating they’re active at.

Looks pretty clear that it goes Priest > Dru > Monk > Sham > Pala > Evoker

So to say that its only Priests and a lil touch of monk “dominate the bracket” Druid is definitely up there.

Granted there is a whole lotta white on that board, but its not painted the same way as you are describing it.

You mean priest > priest > dru etc :>

Let’s not put both spec under one tag

And specially from 2,2+ you will only see priest + dps or fist weaver with the rare Hunter / Druid comps ,

From 2.1 there’s more rdruid than disc/hpriest though… If you add disc+holy as one sure priest is more represented

Where are you pulling these random statements from?


Literally takes 2seconds to look up statistics.

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Drustvar, cause your list doesn’t matter. Including people who haven’t played in months

I don’t think drustvar is particularly accurate at all.

It says there’s been 24 games played in the last 48 hours but 2443 in the past 24 hours. Something isn’t working with that.

We can put both under the same tag they are the same class, and what i linked you was 2.1k+

Okay, it all makes sense now. Keep doing you, champ :slight_smile:

Idknow man i am on my BM hunter or Assa and press 1 2 3 stun 123 123 and they under insane pressure

123 123

I feel after hpri rework priest to be more fun than rdruid. Not that there is much activity in 2v2 as Im just seeing same people over and over and people with dozen glad and r1 playing on 2.1mmr. The games Ive played I didnt see any druids, plenty dps build disc and fw tho.

Still feel like disc dmg is way to high, they are pushing out as much dps as a real dps class, which to me is idiotic

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Well than the class needs a nerf as if we compare now it’s like

4500 priest vs 1700 druids and like 400 prevoker lmao

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