Hear me out Blizzard

What if if you put Flare of the Heavens on the new Dungeon Gamma code vendor that’s coming with the ICC patch? That would be amazing!


And they just did exactly that, I’m a little surprised by this cause it will kill Ulduar for good, but there you go.

I don’t understand why they keep making old wotlk raids irrelevant. Why don’t we get sidereal essences from ulduar/togc for example? This catch up gear is getting way out of hand, when you can get end game gear from just running these same afkbrain-mechanic dungeons.

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Because players only want the newest shiny thing, and also want to play as little as possible.

I don’t understand why they added an achievement for doing pre-nerf Ulduar specifically to classic and then go this route of all things.

The also added Valanyr to be purchased with scourgestones.

Good change. In a guild currently where all the raid have mims head but not everyone that needs the trinkets has them because they just haven’t dropped for us. ICC is going to be pretty incredible.

Why not give the raids bad luck protection then, instead of giving freebies to people who would otherwise never set foot in ulduar25? Makes literally no sense, but as usual it’s just the typical Blizzvision way catering to casuals.

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