Height and Weight Sliders for RP | Stop neglecting RP!


I’m a player who RPs, and does PvE content as well. Currently, I’m spending more time in RP and I am noticing more and more how lacking the systems are for it.

First and foremost, there is not a single system Blizzard implemented for RP. The servers titled with “RP” is just there so people know where to go for it, and that’s it. Here you go, that’s all Blizz has done for RP community. Aside from puting the Trader’s Post in the middle of the place and create a huge OOC zone in the middle of a rode.

We try our best to deal with the height and weight problem in many crerative ways. Some people use toys, some goes for pygmy oil which stays on you for ten minutes and you need to use multiple of them every ten minutes to go to your desired height. It is a terrible experience, and I see many people just give up after a while. I am pretty sure it would not be that hard to create a weight and a height slider, it really shouldn’t be that hard! If the fear is PvP, like people being too small etc. (No clue why it would be problem but still), revert the slider effects on a person when they get in PvP and thats it!

I am pretty sure they could just add this in less than a week if they try to, but people has to speak out loud. People has to understand that RP is not just twerking in Goldshire, the community creates so many beautiful things outside of the whole ERP section of the RP, which is mostly despised by everyone.

I hope that people can be more aware we exist as a community, so that Blizzard can start doing something about us. Damn forget the weight, just give a height slider lol! Everybody that I know who’s RPing want’s the sliders. That serious.

Anyway, fingers crossed.

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As someone who RPed for years. I am for and against it at the same time. But I would prefer if they focused on different customizations, hairstyles/jewelry/scars, and so on.

I firmly believe that while it could be good. Casual RP and major Hubs like SW would end up with 90% of people maxing out the height. Because height=strength and being OP for some people. And people who don’t view it like that would then max them out just to be on the same footing with “OP” people. Just look at the amount of Giant growth Worgen/Dracthyrs and to a lesser extent Draenei. I think it would be a mess.

And you can add height in TRP, Good RPers will read it and RP accordingly. While the “OP” wannabes will do their thing regardless. I think they should focus on different forms of customization. Perhaps add more “casual clothes” Tmogs in addition to the things I mentioned above.

Just to clarify. I am not against the height slider. I just do not think it would go over well.


I believe that making it a slight slider that changes the height slightly. Nothing too crazy, nothing too unnoticable. Because the people that want to look “OP” and all of that already doing it with giant growth etc. Though, I’m in EU, and we don’t have many people that doing that kind of stuff. Most people are really chill.

On the mogs and customization point, 100% agree. That would be so cool to have more casual stuff etc.

And damn, let us mog two gloves differently lol.

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I actually would love that. One thing that I don’t like about Kul Tiran is how ridiculously tall they are. A bit smaller would be great.

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