Heirloom weapons enchant

Dear folks. I am leveling rogue now, got ofc all heirlooms and enchants. By now (55 lvl) i am wearing obviously elemental force on both swords when i am in combat and both daggers when respecing into sub in bg.

Thing is in couple of places i have read that elemental force is ofc best enchant but at 70 lvl there are some wod enchants which lots of websites reccomend to change on heirlooms. I have found list of those but there is so mucb choice.

Is here any rogue who could tell me which wod enchants should i use from 70 lvl on main and off hand on both combat and assa/sub spec?


aslong as you dont take the mastery one you should be ok mostly i’d imagine? Crit/haste is always a good reliable set up for enchants. There is a dot one too? but im not sure if combat even lasts long enough to utilise it.

Elemental force. I use that to level 90 and then switch to bfa enchants vers/haste.

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