<Hej> Shazzrah Alliance recruiting for TBC

Alliance - Shazzrah
Raiding days: Wed/Thurs/Sun
Raiding hours: 19:00-23.00 CEST.

About: We plan on farming dungeons, clearing all the tiers effectively and efficiently. The main reason we decided to make a new guild for TBC is due to the raid-size downscaling that will occur. 40 Man raiding teams will downscale to 25 man, we expect many players to be without a guild and they will be looking for a new home. We have a solid core consisting of previous in-game friends from various guilds here on Shazzrah and we have played together on a few Private Servers.

The guild is currently up and running on Shazzrah and it is possible to join, however we are not going to host any Classic raid(s) as this guild is recruiting for our TBC raid roster and will keep it around 30~ Players. Raiding will start in TBC.

What we are looking for and our expectations: We are looking for motivated and dedicated players to fill our roster. We expect you to bring the time, knowledge and attitude in order to clear the content effectively. We expect everyone to pick atleast one profession that benefit their spec/class the absolute most, every caster need Tailoring and Melee’s need LW. 2H Melee players are expected to get Blacksmith for the powerful Weapons. We want everyone to put in the effort to ensure smooth progression. Raidspots are going to be competitive, if you slack a lot do not take your spot for granted.

Loot System and priorities: Loot Council with /Roll. - Loot will be distributed based on attendance/reliability, performance, guild contribution, how big of an upgrade the item is and how recently you recieved an item. Example when /Roll may be used: If two players deserve an item equally much the item will be rolled between those players. Setbonus and longtime BiS will also be taken into consideration. Example: T4 Warlock/hunter/mage token is vastly superior for Warlocks due to the 2set bonus which leads to a higher priority. Same goes for Shaman 2set totem bonuses, and our tank(s) may see increased loot early on in progression to ensure smoother raid progression.

Why three raiding days?
We know these days people prefer one, at max two raiding days with all the speedruns that has become mainstream recently. And obviously our goal is to clear current content within 1-2 days once it’s on farm, as soon as we get to that stage the Sunday will be dedicated towards an Alt raid / raid 2. If we can’t fill it with Alts we will branch out and fill it with pugs, and most likely use a Soft Reserve system. This is why we encourage everyone to have alts prepared, either to step in on the mainraid if nessecary, and/or gear up in the alt raid. Attending the Alt raid is not mandatory, but it would be wise to use the opportunity to gear up your alt characters.

Interested? Contact us directly at battle.net or join the discord for a chat or for more information!

Guild Master: Reikka#21450
Officer: warzawa#21157

Discord: https://discord.gg/stnWFhtuPG


Vouch best up & coming ally guild on shazzrah for TBC.


little bump to show we are still active

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Hey still activly looking for people We are in need of shaman/locks/hunter fully cleared gruul and kara

still looking

Just lock hunt and 1 boomy spot left

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