Helaer/Tank LF guild

Hello all,

Looking for a mythic guild. i am 4/9 Mythic right now with 3k+ rio. I am looking for a guild that is active and social and wants to progress in mythic. I can do any day and any time aftrer 20:00 ST.

Hpal - 447 < this char
Resto Shaman 444 - should be 446 soon
Disc priest 447
can tank on almost every char :smiley:

Happy to move to another sever after a raid or so :slight_smile: .

Add me on Discord Keyda.

We are 4/9 with Rashok on 0.9%. I have added you on discord or you can hit me up on discord at Sharky#7609 or BNET: sharky#2786 for a chat.

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