Hello! a friendly one. ^^

(Canabal) #22

And you think in a video game is a good place to make friends? :thinking:

You’re in for a treat :smirk:


Well, i have some friends that i knew for 3-4 years, just from games, so i guess it is not so… bad?
Thanks for the opinion though. :slight_smile:


It is.

Unfortunately there is a select amount of keyboard warriors but frankly who gives a hoot about them?

What we need is more of ‘this’ players interacting and helping each other.

To OP, good luck with your adventures hopefully you meet a nice bunch to play with. You’ll probably have to wade through a sea of Male hormones but once you reach the other side it’ll be all good!

I would offer my help but I only know English and Japanese/Chinese.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help a lot of good people on these forums :slight_smile:

(Karanze) #25

Found about 5 people I’ve known for 5+ years via gaming.

I also met my (hot) girlfriend through gaming.


i wish you a very nice future with your (hot) girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue:

(Xartim) #27

Hope you find good mates and having a good time in wow!


(Uldurin) #28

I have met so many awesome people through games that have stayed my friends even after we stopped playing that certain game.
It’s a wonderful thing :laughing:

(Canabal) #29


Wait, you think if it was a male that was looking to make friends you lot would be still lined up to give him your battle tag?

Female was mentioned in the opening post for a reason.

Girlfriend would have sufficed, the emphasis made it hilarious.


i really don’t understand why you are so bothered with me mentioning it. i have seen people in that meeting thread (that was mentioned by someone above) that said about their genders as well. i am here to make friends, if it bothers you much, please just ignore it instead of justifying something. ugh.

(Canabal) #31

I’m not bothered by it, was just reacting to what was said.

Do you and good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


also as i said ,

read first, instead of copying what you wanna show only.

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I just made what you said more to the point.

(Nefaryas) #34

Please excuse canabal, he needs to point out ulterior motives in everything. We still like him though, sometimes… :grin:

(Uldurin) #35

You don’t speak for me! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Nefaryas) #36

Shhh I’m trying to be nice! :rofl:


Also, here are some groups where you might find friendly people.

Group code


Scared of Dungeons:
Group code

Also Fail Train Discord:


You will find people in them if you hang around and watch and ask.


thank you a lot :slight_smile:

(Tahra) #40

Am not! You take that back! :crazy_face:

I suppose it’s pretty sad when all my ‘troll alarm bells’ start ringing when I read that. I know a guy in the early days of WoW who pretended to be a girl. You won’t believe the amount of free stuff and all the attention he was getting. :sweat:

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Honey badger attack … YELP!


well, i gotta figure a way out to delete that part then, maybe people will calm down haha