Hello! a friendly one. ^^


Hello. I am a new player (playing since last year) and i decided that i could… ugh… make friends here…
I am shy and anxious so it’s hard for me to find friends in real life , or even in most games as i don’t talk much, or afraid to.
I am 19 years old and studying language, and I am looking for people who i can have a great time with, and practice language as well.
I am just looking for some friends to enjoy the game with, as the closest person to me blocked me everywhere cause i wanted to go shadow priest for a dungeon (honestly did not wanna heal grevious) and messed a mechanic up… (its not a joke, it’s funny tho, i know.) Well, who knows what he had inside him. Maybe he had better reasons.
So, if you want to be my “friend”, please let me know.

Also I’m aware that this whole topic probably looks awkward. sorry about it. tried my best.

(i play lots of Overwatch too, if anyone is interested!)

(i accidently posted this on Kazzak, so reposting here, hopefully no problems caused :c )

edit: hope you are calm now people T.T

New Friendships
(Voitek) #2

This is what the forums are for sure :slight_smile:


i am sorry, i didn’t know where i could post this outside here, i am not really familiar with forums, and i never posted before :confused:

(Akurenia) #4

Looks like you dodged a bullet there :stuck_out_tongue:

Well there ‘might’ be threads for it? We used to have one uhm lemme see if I can find it, edit: here it is…

Just be wary of any creeps and good luck hunting :slight_smile:. You could also try adding people you meet here ingame and see if they’re friendly enough or whatever.


the real question is what’s your btag

(Voitek) #7

You posted exactly in the correct place. There is a thread you may be interested in at the top of the list about making friends ingame.
I have met some wonderful people by putting my details down on that thread.

(Nefaryas) #8

Hi :slight_smile: you have posted in the right place. There is a making new friends thread but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a thread just for you.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you ^^ i will look at the thread now


its exactly what forums are for, stop barking.

(Cedrad) #11

It’s so nice to read something else than constant complaining or quitting on these forums. Also you’re so lucky with your btag, those 5 twos look so nice.


Aww, thanks! I hear many people say it, and it’s probably the only reason i have not changed it yet. Since everyone in games call me a dude cause they think it’s a male name xD

(Akurenia) #13

Well, there are still people around who act very odd towards female gamers unfortunately so perhaps not everyone knowing what you are is a good thing? :thinking:

Perfect disguise :+1:

(Nefaryas) #14

Only because we intimidate them! Just kidding.


i… dont know, i tried to say many things about myself, hope it was not the wrong call. c:


Jesus… I cringed here. :joy:

(Ponytaîl) #17

What language are you studying? Asking the real questions here!

(Akurenia) #18

Well the other good thing about the internet is if you find someone annoying or whatever then you can easily remove or block them so it’s not much of an issue I suppose.

Just use the friends post, or if you find someone you’d like to be friends with on the forum then you can possibly mail their character ingame for a btag as posting your btag publicly ‘might’ have negative repercussions. It might not but I’ve always played on the safe side personally.

Your posts are very strange.


Hello! I studied English in high school (as a main subject) and in Uni im thinking of studying French or German. ^^
My main language is Turkish.
(god, i hope i did the quote right.)

(Uldurin) #20

I’ll add you, but you gotta promise it’s okey that i scream at you when i get a good drop! :sweat_smile:


it’s very much alright!! i will try my best to not get scared. :3