Hello all of Waterlords! (naming policy question)


Hello and well met!

Long story short. I am thinking about rerolling here (very much a beginner rp’er) but before I do I have a question. My char will be a Tauren Druid named Kriegern… yes I know It is not appropriate name but(!) what if my though up backround story for this name fits. Will it be accepted or reported and forced to change?



I wouldn’t worry too much if you’re beginner, just enjoy rping, don’t listen to rpers that tell you that you’re doing it wrong, take your time to get the hang of it really. Kriegern doesn’t sound like the kind of name us rpers usually don’t like, that’s rather stuff like ‘xXxpussyslayorxXx’ or ‘Shadowdeath’, Kriegern sounds fine and can have an interesting story behind it! I wouldn’t report it personally, far from offending or unfitting.

Have fun on HW! Looking forward to meeting you ~


The possibility for a report exists. If you’re already wondering if the name might get reported, before you even created the character… maybe don’t use it :wink: That would be the easiest way.

There’s surely people who would accept the name, but you do risk being renamed. If not today, then maybe sometime in the future.

If you’re an RP beginner especially I would recommend against using obvious OOC names, this will likely make your entry into Roleplaying much more difficult. If a roleplayer sees you with such a name their initial reaction likely won’t be “oh, this is a guy definitely interested in roleplay!”, but more something along the lines of “groan, another guy with zero RP interest, let’s quickly move away before he starts disturbing things”.


Thanks for replies. One more thing, just a general question.
I am kinda qurious about creating a Shaman. Wich one do you guys see more or out in the world, Driud or Shaman?


Both really I’d say.

Druids are different:
Night elven druids are really involved with their kind, not that open to cooperation with others, rather have their goals and follow them strictly, though with the Circle of Cenarius they do work together with tauren druids and others. They protect nature, fiercely if need be, and still many druids, even night elven ones, work independently, following own projects, like the druids that try to make the barrens green again or those that try to make Desolace green again. They’re just mostly in the ‘parent organisation’ that is the Cenarion circle.

Shamans meanwhile band together in the Earthen Ring organisation, also follow own projects and still work together often, even with the Circle of Cenarius, and they’re mainly mediators with the elements. The elements grant them their powers, they mustn’t act against the interest of the elements or risk having their abilities stripped of them, etc.

Both are organized and act in a similar way, the different is mainly that druids protect and serve the interest of nature while shamans protect and serve the interest of the the elements. Both are fine options!

Also I seem to not have seen the problem with ‘Kriegern’, I didn’t know it had a certain connotation in english. Raindancer is wise and I appreciate their input as well :>


How about a minor change, to, for example, Kriegorn? Seems more Tauren to me…


A lot of non-German speakers might not even recognise the word, but I guess that there’s a possibility that somebody will think “None-canon name! Report this Fiend!” and file a report ticket.

To be frank, there’s so many Non-RPers on the server right now running around with names like Iganknoobslol and Besthealzeva that your name probably won’t even register - but the risk is yours to take.

All I can say is that I’d not report you for it. I have enough to keep me occupied as it is. I guess others might feel differently.


While my two cents worth may be too late to this discussion, I would not recommend Kriegern as a name for a Tauren. Linguistically speaking, even if translated to English, it is not particularly… Tauren-y.

I would recommend you take some inspiration from NPC names (a cursory Google Search will give you a number of decent ideas); alternatively, search for a Tauren name generator (generally the first results are good). Finally, a third technique that I used some years ago which gave a rather original name: with a friend IG who didn’t speak Taurahe, I began throwing out words in that language, with my friend relaying them to me (which he was reading as Taurahe gibberish) until such time as I had a name that suited me.

Using the latter technique you could even go with Kriegern, and translate it to Taurahe and create a character using that name.


Kreigern is fine. It’s not your run-of-the-mill name like ‘Shuuln Ironhorn’ or ‘Melah Watermane’, so if I saw you I’d rather be more interested in rp-ing with you as your name stands out. I for one only report names such as ‘Megadeath’ and ‘Sneakyrogue’,

As for your second question, both classes are likely to be out in the world. A shaman may head to a specific area to communicate/aid the elements (calming the fire-elementals in stonetalon or perchance assisting the hydraxian waterlords), whilst a druid may be investigating/healing the lands (Fertilizing the plant-life in say descolace or quelling animals who threaten ecosystems). Both the Earthen ring and Cenarion circle (should your character belong to either) offer various tasks and possibilities your character would be traveling, though there is nothing stopping you from being independent.

The world is your oyster when it comes to rp. Do not be affraid to experiment.


Krieger is German for Warrior, which I presume is why he created this thread. The Character is basically named WarriorN. Which isn’t all too different from “Sneakyrogue” ;>