Hello is this server worth tranfer?

on ironforge pro i saw thsi realm is medium 50/50 wich is rly good i dont wann big realm but when i created lvl 1… there is no world chanel no LFG noone talking all look so dead why? ppl even dont asnwer on question

When did you ask and are you Alliance or Horde? Usually it’s pretty quite during the morning until the late afternoon but the later it gets the more activity is in both channels and questions usually get answered.

Skullflame is a typical medium realm, so if you don’t want to play on a megarealm it is a good choice for a transfer since the server is pretty balanced now and we still have plenty of raiding guilds with different raiding requirements and a few open spots to chose from and most of them cleared AQ.

I can only speak for Alliance side, but during the day most people mind their own business and solo farm stuff (it’s not overfarmed and you don’t get constantly ganked during the day, in the evening there might be some PvP around the best farm spots), while in the evening it’s more likely to find groups for isntances. But as on all servers, most people are raid equipped and don’t need stuff from instances anymore, so it might take some time to get a full group but I’d say that there are a few groups every evening for most 60er instances.

But I would strongly recommend to join a guild, Most stuff is organized by or within guilds but there are also Pugs for the 20/40 raids going in the evening on most days of the week.

You can find their introductions on our server discord in the guild recruitment channel and contact them directly: WTBXFQC

I’m also happy to answer questions about the guilds or the server (Nunu#6421).

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