Hello, returned to wow

Hi so I quit about 6 years ago tried on/off a couple weeks here n there but couldn’t stick to the game.

I have just resubbed again to try it out hardcore casual mode.

Any discord servers going anyone still playing from back then? Bloodwind still about etc?


Are you strictly talking about horde? Cause I know that there are a couple of oldschool Ally guilds around but I’m not certain about horde-side.

There’s a general DB RP discord though.

You got a link to the discord please?

Edit - oh sorry I see you said RP

It is indeed RP but there’s a lot of server veterans in there. I’m certain you’ll get a quicker response to your question there than on here. So just in case you want to try here’s the link:

https:// discord.gg/VQVpHJT (without spaces)

herooooooo back

apparently i can post unsub’d

I doubt you’ll stick around but all the best! to many crappy changes x-realm being my most hated

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Hey Bridgey. Welcome back! Hope life has been treating you good. You too Warzoid, haven’t seen you in a long time either.

I’m good thanks hope you are too i’m corona-free for now, I guess it’s a good time to hibernate on WoW through the winter?

Tempted to play retail again because I can be bald dwarf female! Or even nelf female, incredible!!

I’d say maybe see you in game but you know that’s pretty impossible these days, not sure if i’m gonna bother with shadowlands may let everyone else tell me how it is first.

Probably just level 50 then go back to classic and wait for TBC unless shadowlands is good. it’ll never be the same as before though talking to my pals thibble and astartel at 4-5 am in the morning while spending the night in Orgrimmar ;(

Or meeting rasu first time on the isle of quel danas and some others.


Iv bought Shadowlands and thought id try it out kinda lost already on what to do though lmfao apart from just run around in dungeons???

also Defias seems super dead or what lol?

Welcome back etc etc, in regards to server health it seems super populated to me atm, but could just be because of prepatch and people back to see whats going on.

Forums completly dead tho cus everyone is on discord these days, kinda sad.

Ooh that explains some things, thanks for the info

Ayup lads the games poo m8

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Game is trailer trash

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VM sucks…

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Yeah they only held tea parties with the Shade, wasnt really a proper wpvp guild XD

Welcome back

Welcome back. Have fun! and probably not you destinite as multiboxers are now banned so you cant have ilililili holding your hand

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ilililli has not played since mop

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