Hello stonespine!

If you ever see me ingame, feel free to give me a wave or even a dagger in the back! (just not when i’m fishing :D)

I also feel like I have to confess something…I told my friends i’d joined StoneSpire for a good 2 weeks before I realised it was StoneSpine :smiley:

Already did all that, I think. Your name seems familiar to me :slight_smile:

And don’t you worry about the server name. It happened to me all the time at the beginning. Enjoy your stay, mate!

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I have to admit to these. I think it started out when someone else said Stormspine, and I thought I might have gotten it wrong. Stonespine vs Stormspine? I mean, duh.

Haven’t seen you around yet, though. Maybe you did end up with the dagger in the back after all :o

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ahhhh i think we are moving in very different circles hahah. I’ve just turned 36 but still loving every moment of it :smiley: