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Recently got into wow again after a break that has lasted since mid bfa. New to rp and right now in the middle of trying to get better at warrior pvp and getting all the costumizations i want for my highland drake.

Im a bit confuzed about what to make in terms of backstory for my dark iron dwarf. All im sure about is that he is rough, has dark humor, hates the horde with passion and has some connection to the black dragon flight. Any help in appreciated.

Wah not a single soul dared to reply?

Well I’m no RP expert since I’m in the process of getting in it myself and trying to find some backstory for my paladin.

What I can tell you however is to join a RP discord (think there’s one for Argent Dawn) as that will give you access to advice and help from the community. Since it seems a bit dead over here.

On my side, I can only tell you to check up the lore of your character’s race/class and try to find how you could weave a story that would make sense in the setting your character lives in. Avoid the main character/demi-god syndrome at all cost as they’re deeply disliked by the community. You can go out of the box to make interesting characters but you’ll need to find a good backstory to explain it when you’ll be questioned about it.

thx, yeah it seems pretty dead here. i´ll be sure to join discord

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One thing to keep in mind is that depending on what crowd you RP with, the experiences can obviously be very different.

Some people likes to RP something light-hearted and with adventures - while some likes to RP they are the biggest, most important people (because their guild says so) and if you do them wrong they can say they have the ‘rights’ to boss you around.

Obviously, you can ignore the latter if you meet them - but be ready for it, depending on the server you RP on. :>

Using the addon Total RP 3 (TRP3 for short) would help you get a quick view on players you mouse over and some of them do make it clear they are very welcome to new RPers, and asking them for anything you’re unsure of should be easy.


I never thought about that, but yes, I can definitely see how a “captain” or whatever title can get in the head of some RP players lol.

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One thing i deem pretty hard is where the point is for op character story. I totally understand the concept of people not wanting to rp with someone that act like their character is the toughest guy in the room all the time, i come from dnd so i understand that those characters isnt likeable. For my dwarf i think i got a really cool transmog going and i want him to be friend with a black dragon that is also my mount. If everyone likes to rp stormwind guards… which is fun, dont get me wrong, but from that point of view my character might look like that guy. I hope to find a guild with dwarthes that are just something in the line of dwarthes doing dwarf things like drinking, talking about war stories and fighting horde.

And yes i have total rp3. Love that addon since i can locate where the rp is and read about peoples characters


I’m no expert either in RP, but I love creating lore for my toons.

With Dark Iron I think it is crucial to be familiar with their history (from the 3 clan war to rule IF to their liberation from Ragnaros and rejoining the Alliance), not on a geek level, but to have the basics right. As for the black dragon friend and mount, well, that can be a bit iffy.

Don’t get me wrong, the story I’m making now, the main character has connections to two flights as well due to circumstances in the story… but (this is solely MY opinion) dragons don’t open up to anyone, especially not talking to anyone they find. You have to be worthy, which could be a good story on its own, not impossible to happen.

Dwarves admire different things besides a good brew and mocking others. Depending on what your character is passionate about, this can be a ton of things (artefacts, weapons, beasts, elements, etc), this is good to have a bit of clear idea of.

I hope this helped a bit :slight_smile:


I agree this is why I mostly play with dragons except welps. Only this character currently has canonic a dragon as a mount because back when he arrived in Stormwind after his education he dabbled beside of Fel magic also a bit in void magic. There he got thanks to some adventurer seeking fortune a dragon egg sold which my character instead decided to raise and rinse from void residue. This method he refined and during the nexus war he so managed to stabilize some other black drake during the nexus war.

Except him I only have 4 characters aquainted with welps.
An Orc shaman that got the interest of a blue welp because she never saw shamanistic magic before.
A Blood Elf Blood Knights struggling hard to buy time impressing with his self sacrifice a red welp.
A Kaldorei Druid that got rewarded for his long service with a child of Ysera
A Dragon Maw Orc trying to become a true Dragonmaw by trying to Tame a black welp who decides the orc is way to funny to just let begone.

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