Help got hacked but i got my account back but is banned

so my e.mail and account got hacked i manage to get it all back but now my account is banned of course but how do i get everything back now i got banned do i just have to wait?

i got e.mail from blizzard say that i have to instal a new (your secret question and answer*) and do the auticator but cant do them now because its banned?

your best bet is to write a ticket. the mods on the forums cant really help you with that.

submit a ticket and explain in detail what happened and what you have tried already.

yea i know but because i already sent 2 tickets i cant send a 3th one i send 2 because at first i send a ticket fast and simple because i was freaking out but i send a second one with more info to the defs

then im afraid you ll just have to wait for an answer to your ticket. good luck though!

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tanks for trying to help me.
yea that is the reason why i made a post about it because i tought it was normal for my acc to be banned now but just wanted to be sure of it and tought that the mods would know if this is normal

Don’t keep making tickets. You can add information to the first one and delete the other. It’s the first one that’ll be responded to first so if it doesn’t have all the information, they can’t deal with it.

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yea i know but i was freaking out at the moment.
but i dont know but it was a special ticket since i didn,t have my e.mail en my wow acc so had to send my id picture but i still have no acces to this acc dont know how i am still able to write here but dont know how to acces my tickets

We can only say it again, wait for your ticket to be answered.

If you mean you can’t access your ticket to add to it, click on Support at the top right of this page; the righthand column headed ‘My Recent Activity’ lists your tickets with the most recent one at the top.

ok ty for all help its fixt now