Help! Macro not working


I’m trying to make a macro with mod:alt that has 2 different healing spells to cast on mouseover friendly target.

/cast [mod:alt,@mouseover,help,nodead] [mod:alt] Flash of Light; [@mouseover,help,nodead] [] Word of Glory

This is what I’m using but the mod:alt doesn’t work on friendly target it only casts on myself. Can someone be so kind to tell me what I’m doing wrong because I don’t understand.

Options → Combat → Self Cast Key

Make sure this isn’t alt.

Change Self Cast to Auto and it’ll disable the Self Cast Key.

It was on Auto not Self cast key but it seemed to be the same thing.

Thanks for the help!

Yeah, it’s a bit screwy right now (and more confusing visually than it was pre-10.2). Essentially, if you’ve never changed the Self Cast option during DF, and you previously had to set to use alt as a modifier, then that mod:alt seems to carry over regardless of your current Self Cast Settings.

All of this behavior stems from the bug they introduced in 9.2.5

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