Help me choose a main!

hey there i was wondering if everyone can help me narrow down a main i have a shadow priest 70 , fire mage almost 70 , arms warrior 70 and now just made a warlock panning to level . My question is if i had to narrow one down to be extremely good in mythic+ and raids that you guys think would be a solid choice , which would it be and why? i suffer from being an altoholic but i really want a main to sink some decent time into so i can progress further and be a good player in general . thaks :slight_smile:

I might be mistaken, but I think Shadow priest and Fire mage are your strongest options of those. In my opinion, how you like the playstyle and class fantasy of the class is more important. I would try to think a bit about that and make your decision around that instead. Dunno, those are just my 2 cents.
EDIT: I’m in the same predicament as you, I can’t really seem to stick to one class long enough to start developing the muscle memory and getting better at the class.

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Fire mage requires exceptionally high keys to pull its weight consistently. Frost is still good and works a lot earlier than fire.

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thankyou for your advice i agree its hard to stick to one i have fire mage down well tbh though

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