Help me pick a Blood Knight name

The following are free on my server of choice:

  • Adorna
  • Helidora
  • Heliadora
  • Heliadrin
  • Lysinna
  • Lysindra


I would pick Heliadora. It is beautiful and strong.
Adorna is a bit to rough like an female Elf version of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Helidora could work or you could think of a human helicopter.
Heliadrin sounds like an uninspired guy just put an He before Liadrin.
Lysinna sounds cute but I would put cute under Pathstalker, Magister or Priest.
Lysindra sounds strong but somehow I have a femaly dragon before my eyes every time I read this name.


I actually also picked Heliadora and played the first 10 levels last night, before I noticed I had an answer.

Sounds like we came to the same conclusion, and I will be sticking to it.

Many thanks for taking the time to advice!

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It totally is.


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