Help me pick the spec


Hi all, so i cannot decide which spec to pick…Sin or Outlaw, which is more fun to play and which is better dps?

Okay i will give the Outlaw a go and see how that goes.

(Vurru) #2

Sin - beginner lvl ( dot build and slow)
Outlaw - intermediate lvl ( fast and built on chance proc)
Sub - advance lvl ( stealth is your life blood)

All Are good and vailable for both pvp / pve.

(Vulrin) #3

Depends what content, personally you can just play assa for literally everything but outlaw is the better M+ spec since regardless of RNG you do huge damage on add cleave

sub rogue basically doesn’t exist, take outlaw with a pinch of salt its a spec you should not play seriously in anything but M+ and maybe raiding…

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