Help me :(

(Gumbleroot) #1

I am crying :frowning:

I am lost :frowning:

I have not even started BFA quests…

How do I go to the new island?

I don’t wanna do old content.

Everything is just complicated.

I am just running around in circles.

What should I do to get started?

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I call troll, getting to 120 means you have done them.

How many of these “Woe is me” threads are you going to make?

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No I leveled in dungeons I think. I don’t even remember now.



Here is educational video showing how to start BFA (not from me i just found it). There is also written directions under the video if you prefer to read.


I think this is his third one.


Go to the Great Seal in Dazar’alor (that place where the portals are located) and find the Scouting Map. It should have Exclamation Mark (!) on it. Select an area from the map and follow the quest.


The armoury is … odd. Consistent with someone who was carried or just spammed dungeons at the start of BfA, and recently returned and can’t find where to pick up quests to start towards WQ and all that.

Is that it, Gumbleroot ?

Never a truer word spoken. I was trying to explain BfA 120 to a newcomer last week, and dammit if It wasn’t harder than teaching Knuth.

Gumbleroot, if my reading of your armoury is correct, you should be able to find the Portal room in Org. Left out of the Valley of Strength AH as if you were riding out of the city, but it’s a new room on the left after you enter the tunnel.

In there will be a portal to Dazar’alor. Take that. There should be quests waiting for you at the other end to get started.

If you still have any problems, post again, and I’ll log and meet you.


You’re not lost, just… off track slightly :slight_smile:

Your quest log and map will point you in the right direction for things like the War Campaign and main storylines though.

You have started and finished some BFA quests already, the Heart of Azeroth you’re wearing is a BFA questline.
You even already completed Welcome to Zandalar and have done the intro quests to get to Zandalar.

You picked Zuldazar as your first zone, and still have one of the early quests for that zone in progress.

So to get restarted again, head back to Dazar’alor and then check your map of Zuldazar, you should be able to find your way from there as the map will show you markers to guide you to next quests.

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Just play Fortnite no need to worry about anything…:rofl::joy:


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It’s a bit dead at this point.


Great to see you put in the effort to help this lost sheep. Shame the sheep is a troll in disguise :frowning:


And the most patient Forum Ambassador award goes to… :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure if you’re being trolled, but you chose the right answer either way :heart:

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