Help with macro (Sub Rogue)

(Zuliette) #1

Hey there.

I want to make a macro that, if used with Shift, then it casts Symbols of Death and only. If not, then it casts Symbols of Death and then Shadow Dance.

Do you guys know how to do that?


Try something like this

/castsequence [modifier:Shift] Symbols of Death; reset=10/combat/target Symbols of Death, Shadow Dance

i’m not sure if it will work as you want but im in a work and can’t get to game to try it out.

(Retierx) #3

you could do a castsequence, just don’t really know why you’d want to. then you have to press twice to get your symbols dance. may as well just do something super simple like:

/cast Symbols of Death
/cast [nomod:Shift] Shadow Dance

(Zuliette) #4

@Retierx that’s exactly what i was looking for. Works perfect. Tyvm.


There is another way dude too, with one button pressing. Just make 2 different binsings (one with shift) , one for symbols and one with macro for symbols+dance

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