Help with prot warrior keybind

So I mained BDK since the end of the Legion expansion, but I wanted to try prot warrior.
I reached level70, I configured my keybinds, but I don’t know should I use Ignore Pain + Shield Slam macro or not?
Without macro, I keep forgetting using IP, and I can’t bind comfortable close to wasd (maybe 2 is close enough but not too good for me to reach up the numbers from W); currently my main spells are : ignore pain + shield slam macro - Q
Revenge - E; Shield Block - R; Thunderclap - Shift +E; Execute - Shift R; (I dont use Shift Q cause its feeling bad for me); ig I use macro my IP uptame is okay, but hard to build rage with slam because the macro. Any advice?

Hi, what you need to do is go for the basic guide at wowhead, then follow that to understand why you shouldn’t macro SS+IP together, as you only use that when you don’t want to miss a reset while dumping rage.

Now to binds, I recommend binding IP to your mouse, thumb-buttons work perfectly, as you are going to spam this button a lot. Get an IP tracker Weak Aura (Go to skyhold and you will find some decent starter options in the pins), you want to make sure you got enough IP to reduce damage, but overcaping is kind of pointless - so before you get enough haste or you don’t take enough hits, you wont be able to perma maxcap it (and you don’t need to).

I don’t see you using any number buttons (+shift:mod)12345 should feel comfortable, but you also got (+shift:modQERT , in addition to (+shift:mod)ZXCV for bigger defencives you wont be spamming and want control over. I bind trinkets to mouse, scroll up is potion and down is healthstone, middle click is victory rush. Mouse button thumb 1 is Ignore pain, shift mouse button is ignorepain+slam, MB2 is spellreflect and MB2 is spellblock, the list goes on - but yea:

Overall you will just have to find a setup that works for you. As you played DK, having revenge the same place as Heart-strike, Shieldslam for Death Strike and thunderclap for bloodboil makes sense. Then you put Shieldwall on IBF, last stand on VB and so on.

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