Helping out the new guy!

Noticed there isn’t any Blizzard tracked topics on the forum so I figured I’d suggest something for a driven person, or one with the knowledge.

The Server forum here could do with some information regarding where roleplay can be found to help out new people joining into the server. If I were to log on right now as someone who’s roleplayed for a while I for example know that you’d usually join a channel called LFRP or some such and that Stormwind is usually a good hub to look for it, but new people might not know these things.

So suggestion is rather simple, could someone on the server put up an informative topic that tells people where in the world most roleplay can be found like we had in DB as well as another topic, or just in the same one what guilds are around and regular events held such as say the old Stormwind Council or the Black Market we had in DB.

Another one that we used to have back in the old DB forums was of course a list of guilds if I remember right that have stuck around for a long time and are still very much active. (An actual list, not just going through the forum looking for guild recruitments.)

That is all, looking forwards to hearing more from you folks.

RP is found mostly in guilds. And by that , usually guild events. You can run into some people that are IC in Stormwind now and then but it is rare and if so it is two people(or more) who have come together to rp by asking to RP.

Random RP is not a big thing these days, sadly.

The RP guilds I can think of on the top of my head are:

The Alliance Free Company
The Lions Sword
Silverleaf Sentinels
The Royal Expedition
Disciples of Light
The Inquest

Don’t know if there is more on Alliance side that are noteworthy.

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