Helping with Ravenholdt Reputation


Hey there traveler.!

I’ve been kinda busy playing wow in the past days so I was thinking I could help ppl out with the Ravenholdt reputation from honored to exalted!
Mainly im doing it on Ragnaros/Horde, but if there will be enough ppl for other realms/faction(2-3 at least) I could gladly do my helping there as well.
Roughly estimated time, 'cause I’m already doing it for some gentleman.
Ragnaros: It’d take 1.5-2 days
Other realms/faction: TBA

For further information or questions, u can either contact me under this post or in the client( Skyhero#1160) or in Discord: -Att_jetskii-#5916

Before some ppl starts making unnecessary coment under this post, there were post like this in the past years without any trouble, so if those were fine with the right attitude, I think this can be too!