Here's how to fix resto druids:

Hit cyclone with nerfs.

Hit their mastery with nerfs in PVP.



I rather they buffed all other healers then nerfing a healer.
Healing is annoying enough as it is.


Make hots put druid in combat and make it impossible to drink during meld

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Rdudu after nerfs still s+++++. Watched r1s push 3s on twitch yday. All you see is rdudu. Its rediculous.

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Remove the dispel protection pvp talent.


Basically 2 things can instantly balance Rdruid

Cyclone - 15s CD
Purge protection - removed

That’s it. I mean it’s already a bit more managable, yesterday I was spam killing all his treants on my ele shaman and it felt so good :rofl:

stop with the demanding nerfs… ask for BUFFS. Healing is trash as it is.

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Nerf rdudu

stop with the demanding nerfs… ask for BUFFS. Healing is trash as it is.

You do realise rdudus are S tier, especially in 2s, because they’re druids, not healers, right? The healing is dogcat, it’s the druid baseline utility that makes them so good. They’re fun and engaging because they can effectively solocarry the game, unlike many other healers that have zero impact at the game, such as disco priests or afkweavers.

Best solution, make cyclones to work as fear or poly - the victim is not immune and any damage can break it.

maybe introduce some pvp talent that would increase the damage threshold by 30-60% that cyclone can withstand.

Pretty much this. Healer population won’t magically increase by nerfing the good ones.

Also people seem to not realise that we’re like one druid nerf away from a full blown fistweaver meta. That’d be the worst case scenario because nobody wants to play against this oppressive monkey spec.
If druid and disc get nerfed fine, but then also make sure to bury the fistweaver spec in pvp.

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Won’t make it better when one healer is that strong. I won’t even play pvp now until they’ve been nerfed. Every game is against a resto druid and I’m done with it.

Imo melee healer shouldn’t even exist in pvp. Even if they can balance it in 3s, if its even viable it will be severely busted in 2s which constantly happens when it is viable.


you know that rdruid is really strong in lower mmr because ppl have 0 clue about how to swap on hots and play around it and ppl just tunnel into full hots treants target 247, im not saying its bad on higher mmr, it’s just u gotta play different vs it

True but I think it’s fine as long as there is a cd like the old way of crane, iirc it used to cost a lot of mana and you were not able to port ping pong in stun and ignore stuff while doing dmg.

Same with Pala melee wings atleast you can punish it.

This version with 24/7 uptime and 0 counterplay is completely dumb

The worst situation is when the enemy side is ahead and you have to spam pump heals into the focussed mate and can’t do anything else or he dies in 3 seconds. Because at the same time you must play hide & seek with the resto druid to avoid this one cyclone which will decide the game. On the other hand if your side is the one ahead and the druid has to pump he can avoid hard cc’s much easier and it actually takes quite the effort to shut him down. Not hating on them btw. All healers should have unique tools. It’s just a personal impression on them.

Exactly, I play mainly 2s (Disc and Druid) and on Disc I’m completely lost against Fistweavers. Their throughput is completely busted, their damage is quite high and their kick is incredible disruptive.

On druid I usually win because I can somehow outlast them and clone/root spam them but it’s always close and incredible annoying to play against. People seem to not realise how close we are to a full blown Fistweaver meta. I’d rather see them destroying the spec instead of allowing it to destroy the game.

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Anyone defending resto druid right now in a pvp environement (2s,3s,SS) is nuts. I haven’t seen a healer as dominant as this in years. It literally is a god among men. If you lose vs anything but a better resto, you should quit ngl

If we don’t want fw we need to buff casterweaver. Right now it just seems like people want fw out the game so they can score free wins on a mw that has no damage pressure and worse CDs than a disc priest as well as being the easiest kick imaginable as they are forced to channel their one spell school. They will just reroll resto and we get more druids in the game.

Fix casterweaver first, or nerf disc and rdruid to casterweaver level, then I’m all for it.

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